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4in GM Suspension Lift Kit

GM 4in Suspension Lift Kit w/N2.0 Shocks [274.20]
GM 4in Suspension Lift Kit Installed
SKU: | Brand: Rough Country

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Newly redesigned for easier installation, Rough Country's 4-inch Suspension Lift Kit for '88 - '98 Chevy / GMC 1500, Tahoe, and Suburban models is an all-inclusive kit with everything you need to get rolling the right way at the right height. If you're looking for a kit that can take a beating look no further: a set of durable front and rear crossmembers, differential drop brackets, upper and lower control arm drops, massive steering link and heim joint assist link.

  • Download Instructions
  • Install Time: 6-8 hours
    Average estimated install time peformed by a professional shop or mechanic.
  • Features

  • Redesigned for easier installation
  • Track width remains stock
  • Increased ground clearance
  • Fabricated blocks are stronger and offer a longer lifespan than cast blocks.
  • Torsion bar drop brackets and front skid plate feature RC laser cut logos.
  • Includes application valved N2.0 series shock absorbers which offer the best in balanced performance for on and off-road use.
  • Notes

  • ONLY fits models with 6 lug wheels.
  • Will fit 1999 "Classic" model pickups.
  • Requires minor cutting and grinding.
  • Requires rerouting of the exhaust for front drive shaft clearance.
  • Tahoe/Yukon, Suburban models require extended rear sway-bar links. (#1038)
  • 4-Door Tahoe and Yukon models require torsion bar kit (#89501).
  • Models equipped with Auto Trac will require a new aftermarket driveshaft. (#5082)
  • Does NOT fit straight front axle models.
This product features Rough Country's Lifetime Replacement Warranty. All products are warranted to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship for the life of the vehicle if utilized in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for installation and operation of said products. For complete details and coverage information please click here.
We are proud to offer Same Day Shipping. If you place your order before 4pm (cst) your order will be shipped that day. Parts ordered must be in stock for the order to ship. Approximately 97% of all orders placed leave our warehouses within 24 to 48 hours(not including weekends & holidays). For complete details please click here.


  • Front
  • Front crossmember
  • Rear crossmember
  • Differential drop brackets
  • Torsion bar drop brackets
  • Upper control arm drop brackets
  • Lower control arm drop brackets
  • Kicker bars
  • Front skid plate
  • Lower skid plate
  • Steering link
  • Heim joint assist link
  • Hardware
  • Rear
  • Fabricated lift blocks
  • U-bolts
  • Hardware
  • Shocks
  • (4) Premium N2.0 series
  • Optional: (4) Performance 2.2 series [+$100]

Fitment Table

Years Drive Make Model
1988-19984WDChevroletK1500 Pickup
19994WDChevroletK1500 Pickup (Classic)
1992-19994WDChevrolet1500 Suburban
1988-19984WDGMCK1500 Pickup
19994WDGMCK1500 Pickup (Classic)
1992-19994WDGMC1500 Suburban
Always check the product's overview, for more important fitment information


Tire Wheel Backspacing Offset
305/75 R16Factory 16--
305/75 R1616x84.5in-
305/70 R1717x94.5-5in-12 to 0mm
305/65 R1818x94.5-5in-12 to 0mm
305/55 R2020x94.5-5in-12 to 0mm
Due to differences in manufacturing, dimension and inflated measurements, tire and wheel combinations should be test fit prior to installation.


  1. Excellent - Posted by: Roadworker (5/19/15)

    I have had this Lift kit done about 3 years ago on my 1999 2 Door Chevy Tahoe and to date I have NO problems at all.

  2. Finally a affordable well engineered lift kit - Posted by: Tony (10/9/13)

    Thank you Rough Country for designing a lift kit that is engineered for the consumer who is looking for a lift that is capable of providing the functional needs required for a lift, the look I was after, and yet maintaining the handling and ride of the original suspension that came from the factory.

    I am one of those people that seem to learn things the hard way, that is why I am reviewing this product, to possibly help someone in my situation. I have gone through 2 other lift kits on my truck, that left me very dissatisfied before trying this one!

    The first lift kit I purchased off the internet without reading any reviews. I bought it because it was a cheap and quick way to lift my truck to provide clearance for my wheels and tires. I suffered many problems from that lift kit. The ride suffered tremendously, the alignment shop was not able to get it alligned, the kit caused several ball joint failures on both the upper and lower control arms, and in my opinion was dangerous for highway use due to the poor handliing and bouncy ride. The second kit i purchased was a little more expensive and included more hardware, however it was more of a cosmetic lift system that was not fully functional for my needs. I lost overall suspension travel, and ride quality suffered.

    I have a Rough Country Lift on my Jeep so I decided to give them a call after trying others. When speaking with the representative from Rough Country and describing my previous problems with other lifts, he suggest this lift kit for my truck. I was apprehensive due to my past experiences with other companies, but he ensured me rough country would back their produce with their warranty.

    I purchased this kit and within two days it was at my door in 5 heavy boxes. Now that you know a little history. Here is my review of the product.

    In terms of packaging, boxes were marked very well with hardware labeled and protected for shipping. I will admit as I was opening these boxes I was somewhat intimidated by the complexity of this system and the work that appeared to be required to install. I do a lot of work on my vehicles myself in terms of maintenance and small modifications, but this appeared to be major surgery. As I began to install this kit, one thing I noticed is how well the components are built. Welds were noticebly good, the parts were heavy and well built, and the coating was impressive.

    When I actually started to remove the original suspension from my truck I was impressed with how well the instructions were written. Details such as what wrench and socket size were a bonus that saved me time. These instructions appear to be written for someone like myself who was not completely ignorant to vehicle repairs and parts, for someone who has some mechanical knowledge, but not an expert who does this type work every day. Pictures in the instructions were very helpful however because I am not familiar with some of the suspension lingo it would have been nice to have a exploded view with descriptions of old and new parts.

    In terms of part fit, I was REALLY impressed with part fit. Anyone who has installed after market parts knows fit up is ussualy sketchy. I was very impressed with how well the new parts fit. New parts did not fit sloppy and tolorances seemed to be held well. Sometimes it was a tight fit where it should be in my opinion and a rubber mallet is needed, but holes lined up as they should with a kit like this. The new hardware was very well marked in the bags and described in detail.

    Please be aware you will need some tools you may not have, like a 35mm socket, a impact wrench is very helpful, a floor jack, you will need a tie rod seperation fork, c-clamps for holding steering components while tightening bolts, a torsion bar removal tool, and a welder and torch or plasma cutter will make your life easier, but a sawsall will do, and lastly a grinder. Most of these you can get at the auto parts store for rental and I used a 7 ton gear puller for the torsion bar key removal although it is not recommended by RC, they suggest a tool specifically made for this, but I couldn't find one. NOTE: You will be making permanant modifications to existing frame mounts and grinding clearances on your transfer case. If you are not comfortable with that this kit is not for you. Also you will need to re-route your exhaust system around the front driveshaft. I did this easily with a 3" piece of pipe I got from local parts store. Also, you will re-route brake lines and bleed your brakes, it is described in the instructions.

    Now, for the bad. Not much...but I will say, I did this by myself with no help. I can see no way the average guy or even two can do this job in 6-8 hours. I planned on doing this in 12-14 hours since I am not a full time mechanic. I was working at a good steady fairly quick pace and I had about 20-24 hours in this. There were a two parts I put on backwards and had to remove and re-install because I feel the pictures and instructions could have been more clear, however for someone more familiar with these parts It wouldn't have been a problem. For instance the front and rear cross members I installed wrong. Also the directions state to install the torsion drop brackets about mid way through the install, however I had to remove these at the end in order to install the torsion bar through the front lower arm, then reinstall them. The only other complaint I had was the steel shock bushing inserts were included in the rear drop box and I installed the shocks in the front without these, then once I got to the rear install later in in the directions... I found these and had to take the shocks back off to put these inserts in.

    This kit has a clean look when finished, It is very functional and well made, the ride quality is awesome, and I am very happy with it. For the price, the quality, and the engineering that went into this. It is a very good buy and anyone who is capable of reading instructions, has a little mechanical ability and a weekend free can install this. Very happy customer!

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