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4.5in Jeep Suspension Lift Kit

Jeep Suspension Lift Kit [623N2]
Jeep Suspension Lift Kit [623N2] Installed
In stock
SKU: 623N2 | Brand: Rough Country
Make sure it fits!


  • Install Time: 5-6 hours
    Average estimated install time peformed by a professional shop or mechanic.
  • Tires: 32x11.50 R15
    Recommended tire size for use with this kit. Please see Instructions for complete notes on this tire size recommendation.
  • Wheel BS: 3.75"
    Recommended wheel backspacing for use with this kit. Please see Instructions for complete notes on wheel backspacing.
  • Features

  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Increased ground clearance
  • Levels the front with the rear of the vehicle
  • Control arms include Clevite brand OEM style rubber bushings
  • Includes application valved N2.0 series shock absorbers which offer the best in balanced performance for on and off-road use.
This product features Rough Country's Lifetime Replacement Warranty. All products are warranted to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship for the life of the vehicle if utilized in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for installation and operation of said products. For complete details and coverage information please click here.
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  • Front
  • Lifted coil springs
  • Fixed lower control arms
  • Transfer case drop kit
  • Extended sway-bar links
  • Brake line brackets
  • Hardware
  • Rear
  • Add-a-leaf springs
  • Adjustable lift shackles
  • Hardware
  • Shocks
  • (4) Premium N2.0 Series

Fitment Table

Years Drive Make Model
1984-20014WDJeepXJ Cherokee
Always check the product's overview, for more important fitment information


  1. Very good - Posted by: 96 Jeep XJ (7/13/15)

    I have this lift in my Cherokee. Very nice lift. One of the most complete lifts for the money. After soaking everything for a week with Kroil it come apart pretty easy. The new stuff went together very easy. Had two people helping took about 8 hours. Not bad for a crusty ole Jeep. Has awesome flex for a short arm setup. I run 265/75/16 with no trimming or rubbing. Very good lift for the money. Very satisfied with how it sets and rides. The only thing I wish it come with in the kit is a drop pitman arm. Putting one on my brothers Cherokee next weekend.

  2. Great Kit - Posted by: Gary (6/10/15)

    Everything fit well, the ride quality is very good on and offroad, and I'm very happy with it. The install took the tech at my shop about 10-12hrs to do the full install. I read more reviews on this kit than any other on the market, both good and bad. Most of the negatives were regarding hardware problems or missing parts, so I expected this and was not let down. My kit was missing the transfer case drop kit, and had 5 other extra pieces of hardware left over that were not listed anywhere in the instructions. With so many complaints on missing components I think you could have better quality control on what gets shipped out. This is not my daily driver so it was not a big deal for me, but for the at home do it yourselfer this would be extremely frustrating. For this reason I gave it 3 stars on quality. I would recommend going with the complete leaf springs instead of the add a leaf since the supplied spring clamps don't want to stay together. Other wise I'm very happy with it and would recommend this kit!

  3. Happy Happy happy! - Posted by: Vetjau (2/14/15)

    Lift took me 2 days by myself to install... spray everything sevral days before working on your rig with PB Blaster kt will decrease the time spent pulling bolts. I didn't break one single bolt o ly stripped trackbar bolt when I removed it.
    Only thing that I am not happy about is the brake line extension brackets were not with the kit. This kit is worth the price.
    I added RC 1.5" wheel spacers front and back with my 92 stock Cherokee wbells that have 31x10.5r15. Looks great! Also threw Rc quick disconnects on so full flex can be obtained.
    Recommended for anyone wanting a good lift for a good price. Just make sure you inventory ALL parts before 5 days pass.
    Sbipped to my house the very next day was sitting on driveway when I got home.
    Buy it and like it forever.

  4. Awesome product - Posted by: Collin Southern (2/9/15)

    The lift kit was awesome! the lift kit was very easy to install especially when my jeep had grease and rust. the time was not bad at all about 3-4 hours for the front and 1-2 in the back. the price was amazing i couldn't ask for a better price at all. I've been looking for a good product and been thinking about Pro Comp, Monroe, and Sky Jacker, and lucky i saw a Rough Country 4.5 inch lift kit for $500.00 Really happy with the results.

  5. Great Product! - Posted by: Mark (2/7/15)

    I purchased this kit almost 8 years ago. It has seen extensive trail duty as well as being a daily driver. In that time frame it has seen over 100,000 miles and at least 25% of that has been off road. I would recommend it big time. I'm here now because I'm building another XJ and after all of the great performance I've gotten on my last one, I wouldn't even think of buying a different lift. Installation is fairly easy even for a novice.

  6. Awesome product!! - Posted by: Mikesxj (1/24/15)

    I installed this lift in my drive way with a floor jack and a set of wrenches, took me about 4-5 hours on my own, very nice kit, very easy to install, I am very satisfied with it all! Huge bang for your buck!

  7. So far, so good... NEED NEW HARDWARE - Posted by: Matt (1/19/15)

    I put the lift on in my friend's garage, and it took the two of us about 16 hours total. If you live in the north-east, the rust on a lot of these bolts will make things very difficult. I broke off about 8 bolts (4 shock mount bolts, sway bar end link bolt, 2 T-Case cross-member bolts.. etc.) even after soaking with PB. In my opinion the kit should come with more new hardware (especially shock mount bolts) because alot of these XJ's are prone to rusting. Also, keep in mind that your stock leaf springs are likely worn, and the back end may seem to sit a little bit lower than the front with just the add-a-leaf. I do still get some drive-line vibration so in my case the T-Case drop wasn't enough to eliminate all of the vibration. It rides pretty stiff, but it was well worth the money if you're looking to get an inexpensive lift. Good bang for your buck!

  8. HIGHLY SATISFIED - Posted by: Ben (1/21/14)

    I did a lot of research and shopping around before deciding to order this kit direct from rough country, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Great product, excellent quality, and amazing flex and trail manners. I also think my xj rides better than stock. My xj is not a pavement pounder, but is my daily driver around town, so I wanted a lift with trail quality, but still had road manners, and that is exactly what this lift offered. Add a set of 32s, and sway bar quick disconnects, and you have a superb set up. Shipping was fast, came in earlier than expected. Install was easy with a floor jack, jack stands, help of a buddy, and a little know how. Also, price paid for the value you get in this product is WELL worth it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

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