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    2015 GMC Canyon makes its debut

    Although Ford may have dominated the headlines at the North American International Auto Show, GMC was on hand with a new creation that is ready to make a splash. As part of the growing midsize truck market, the GMC Canyon offers a prime blend of capability and bulk. With factors such as fuel efficiency and maintenance costs acting as a major factor in the car-buying process, the midsize segment could become more prominent, and the GMC Canyon will certainly be a large part of that. 

    Latest reveal
    To debut the Canyon, GMC drove the pickup onto the grounds of the Detroit Auto Show, and many viewers may have thought they were seeing double. The manufacturer showed off the Chevrolet Colorado - the sister truck of this Canyon - at the L.A. Auto Show in November, and the two trucks are quite similar. This new Canyon is also close to the GMC Sierra, and many fans of off-road driving will likely be hoping that the latest pickup brings together all of the top features from the family. 

    "The all-new 2015 GMC Canyon completes GMC's three-truck family, which started with the redesigned 2014 Sierra 1500 and 2015 Sierra HD," said Tony DiSalle, vice president of GMC marketing. "It rounds out a lineup that offers the broadest range of capabilities in the industry, giving truck customers more choices to find the vehicle that meets their professional, personal and lifestyle needs." 

    The all-new GMC Canyon
    As the newest introduction to the midsize segment, the GMC Canyon offers an impressive array of features that can serve in many different situations. Those motorists who prioritize comfort and everyday driving will benefit from touches like the sculpted door panels, expanded storage spaces, 8-inch touch-screen panel and 4G LTE service. 

    Of course, many of the sought-after qualities of the Canyon deal with the truck's off-roading abilities. It is equipped with four-wheel drive, a lift-and-lower locking tailgate, two-tier loading, multiple tie-down locations, an already installed bed liner, and bed rail. It also has an aluminum hood, which not only provides some added front strength but also keeps the weight of the vehicle down while evening out the mass of the truck. 

    "Not everyone needs full-size capability, but they still deserve strength and true-truck attributes that comes in larger models," DiSalle said. "The Canyon will offer all the capability with confidence - and GMC's signature refinement that complements active lifestyles. It also delivers the technology customers want with more standard features." 

    Driver options
    While the standard version of the 2015 GMC Canyon is quite impressive, drivers will be able to customize parts of the truck to meet their needs. These efforts only scratch the surface of truck modifications, but they could be enough to get new owners started on the right foot. 

    The Canyon comes in two body styles: extended cab and crew cab. Crew cabs have another option of a 5-foot or 6-foot bed, while the extended cab only has the 6-foot cargo bed. Owners can then choose their trim level, which is available in base, SLE and SLT. The base offers only the bare minimum but can keep costs down. On the other side of the spectrum is the SLE and SLT, with the SLT package being the best choice for off-roading. That option boasts 17-inch all-terrain tires and a finely tuned truck suspension. 

    There are also multiple engines to choose from, including a 2.5-liter option with 193 horsepower and 184 foot-pounds of torque and a 3.6-liter motor with a maximum of 302 horsepower and 270 foot-pounds of torque. Each type should be able to tow up to 6,700 pounds.