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Rough Country News

    • NEW: Jeep Soft Tops from Rough Country

      Whether you're restoring, updating, or trying to give your Jeep the look you've always wanted, Rough Country’s new Soft Tops give you the absolute best bang for your buck. Featuring a 23 Ounce UV and Mildew resistant Vinyl Coated Polyester Cotton material, our tops are engineered to hold up to the harshest elements. Continue reading

    • Ford truck options garner greater opportunities for off-road enthusiasts

      Getting the best in the off-roading experience requires that drivers get the best in terms of truck technology and different engine options for what they want to accomplish in their excursions. The greatest resources for driving along rough terrain are those that allow for the best in maneuverability, off-road options and general handling that permits for the ultimate in personal enjoyment. Ford is offering enthusiasts a world of options that can help boost the level of satisfaction all drivers can hope to achieve, thereby making for an ultimate experience that's hard for any other vehicle to emulate.

      Creating new cars
      The biggest thing on the Ford truck and SUV scene these days are the evolving concept cars that are quickly turning into the everyday options that all drivers want to experience. As AutoBlog stated, there's a whole new idea on the horizon for Ford Everest truck mods and other options that are on the rise among vehicle manufacturers, distributors and better resources for people that want to get the greatest experience from their truck mods and other resources.

      The source stated that the Everest concept recently went on display at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, exhibiting the greatest options available in this premier Ford truck option. There's a lot of mystique surrounding the Everest right now in terms of engine capacity, driving mods and other truck options that this sport utility vehicles has to offer. By keeping so much under wraps, the manufacturer may be hoping to pique interest and generate buzz before the SUV hits the market next year.

      AutoBlog added that the Everest is expected to make a significant impact on the Europe and Asian markets for Ford truck mods. This model also will be premiering throughout the U.S. when it hits the nation's shores next year. Its seven-seat design and middleweight frame allows it to easily navigate city streets and rough off-road terrain, making it a perfect option for weekend enthusiasts and people seeking mixed environment driving.

      Making new models
      The Everest is a promising departure from Ford truck mod traditions, as Auto Car stated. The source noted that the Everest is meant to be a take on Ford's classic truck design, the Ranger, which is a traditional and well-received pickup truck that's already popular among off-roading and truck modification hobbyists.

      "A vehicle like the Ford Everest concept would be a great addition to our growing stable of SUVs," said John Lawler of Ford's Chinese branch. He noted in Auto Car that it's likely that the design and refinement of the Everest's modeling make it ideal for enthusiasts seeking a more intense and durable version of the Ranger.

      Expecting the most
      Ford truck mod experts and other enthusiasts expect the most from their base models, making vehicles like the Everest meet with tough expectations and demands from consumer audiences. With the rise of more off-roading events and people trying to balance return on investment with overall performance, it's necessary for buyers to understand that the Ford truck mods they're acquiring offer the greatest options for their off-roading adventures.

      Another article from AutoBlog stated that Ford off-road enthusiasts should expect a whole new level of performance and durability from the great line of trucks and SUVs these vehicles can always work at optimal levels. The greatest option for Ford truck owners may be the Everest this year, but Ford is always working on new options like enhanced F-150 designs and superior mileage options so that buyers will always get the greatest off-roading experiences from these vehicles.

    • New Product: 12" LED Winch Fairlead Light Bar Mounts

      Finally, the perfect mounting point for off-road action! Rough Country's new Hawse and Roller Fairlead LED Light Bar Brackets are the perfect mounting solution for affixing your 12" Dual-row LED Light Bar to any standard sized winch fairlead. Continue reading

    • 20" LED Hidden Bumper Mount for 10'-up Dodge 2500/3500

      Get the look your Dodge was built for! Rough Country's new Dodge 20" LED Hidden Bumper Bracket is the cleanest solution for bringing off-road lighting to your RAM Truck. Engineered with a flush, hidden design, these brackets fit perfectly in the exposed space on new model RAM factory bumpers. Continue reading

    • NEW PRODUCT: 2.5" Aluminum Leveling Kit - Ford F150

      Level your F-150 with Rough Country's new, head-turning Aluminum Leveling Spacer. This easy to install, innovative Aluminum Spacer combines great looks and strength, while providing 2.5" of lift. This new spacer features aircraft quality, T6061 Billet Aluminum offering enhanced durability against elements like rain and rust. Continue reading

    • New Product: New Model Dodge Ram 5" Lift Kits - 2500, 3500

      Compliment your RAM 2500 / 3500's aggressive, good looks with Rough Country's new 5" Lift Kit. New model RAM Trucks come with a wealth of impressive features right from the factory. Rough Country's new 5" kit was engineered to retain these impressive factory specs while bumping up performance and durability where it's needed most. The result is an aggressive, lifted beast with a mean profile and lush ride-quality that'll make other RAM owners wonder where you got yours from! Continue reading

    • New Products: Rough Country Ring & Pinion Gears, Master Overhaul Kits, Spider Gears and More!

      Geared Up!

      Rough Country Ring & Pinion Gears:

      Regain your lifted Jeep's factory performance and take your rock crawling experience to a whole, new level with Rough Country's Ring & Pinion Kits. Our durable aftermarket gear upgrade kits breathe new life into your lifted Jeep, especially when equipped with 35" or larger tires. Continue reading

    • New Product: 50" Curved LED Light Bar & Mounts for 07-13 GM 1500

      50" Curved LED Light Bar: #72250-1 $699.95

      YOU DECIDE when night falls with Rough Country's 50-inch Curved Cree LED Light Bar. With a mind-blowing 23040 Lumens and over 288 Watts of raw power pumping through 96 individual Cree LED bulbs, this 50-inch light is our most powerful lighting solution to date. Continue reading

    • New Product: 2" Cree Square LED Lights

      Stay out later on the trails with Rough Country's affordable set of 2" Square Cree LED Lights. This all-inclusive kit features everything you need to get going while the compact size makes it perfect for adorning a bumper, hood, roof, or anywhere you can imagine. Continue reading

    • New Product: Throttle Body Spacer

      Rough Country's new Throttle Body Spacer helps you get the most out of your Jeep YJ, TJ or XJ. Engineered with a Spiraling Helix design, our Durable, aluminum spacer forces incoming air into a high velocity vortex that aids in a more powerful and efficient fuel combustion process. This process offers improved torque performance and increased fuel economy. Best of all, this modification is easy to install using a 100% bolt-on installation process that can be attached in no time!

      Continue reading

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