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    All-new Jeep Cherokee makes waves on the market

    When the 2014 Jeep Cherokee was first introduced to the public, many fans of the brand were left wondering if the vehicle could possibly live up to the expectations set by its predecessors. Now, after a few months on the market, the automobile is proving that it certainly can. Everything from expert reviews to sales figures show that the new Cherokee is a force to be reckoned with, and it is definitely an SUV that is making waves in the world of off-roading. 

    Expert reviews
    Reviews from experts around the auto industry all point to the 2014 Jeep Cherokee being a rousing success. The Detroit Free Press claimed that the vehicle quickly ascended to the top of the ranks of off-road vehicles, largely thanks to its ability to get through everything from mudding courses to steep slopes.

    According to the news source, the Cherokee has capabilities that set it apart from similar SUVs. That could be a major boon for the brand, as few vehicles from any automaker offer a combination of fuel efficiency and everyday driving abilities with off-road power. However, the Jeep Cherokee is definitely one that can compete with peers like the Chevrolet Equinox and Toyota RAV4 - and it is proving that in the sales charts as well as on the trails. 

    Current sales
    All of the excellent reviews for the Jeep seem to be having quite an impact, as the sales figures for the 2014 Jeep Cherokees are already quite impressive. According to Reuters, sales of the new vehicle reached 45,415 vehicles in the month of November, which was significantly higher than what was predicted before the month. Chrysler, Jeep's parent company, stated that the 2013 month was the best November since 2007, before the recession hit. In fact, the great numbers posted by the model helped propel Jeep brand sales to a 30 percent growth from month to month, the news source reported. 

    A large part of the Jeep's success has to do with its impressive new design. Although it is a bit different than Jeeps of the past, the new look was something that intrigued many drivers. To top it off, there is still plenty of room to make Jeep modifications, which ensures that even the most extreme drivers are not left out of the loop. 

    "Jeep took a chance by stepping outside of its comfort zone with the aggressive design of the new Cherokee, and so far, the SUV appears to be strongly resonating with buyers," said Brian Duval, general manager of one Jeep dealership. "Not only do Cherokee owners get Jeep's most modern design yet, but they also receive excellent fuel economy without the losing the brand's signature capability." 

    Room to grow
    Although much of the look of the Jeep has changed, the goal of the vehicles has not: Jeep continues to offer some of the best off-roading automobiles on the market. Multiple reviews of the new SUV have mentioned the Cherokee's ability to conquer all kinds of off-road driving, including rock crawling, which makes the car particularly attractive to drivers.

    Added to that is the fact that the 2014 Jeep Cherokee can be had for a relatively low price. The Automobile Journalist Association of Canada named the vehicle as the Best New SUV Under $35,000. That manageable sticker price leaves plenty of room for investments in a Jeep lift kit or making changes to the Jeep suspension - both of which are popular alterations that many drivers want to take care of before they take a vehicle out into the environment.