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    Batman-inspired truck steals the show at Comic Con

    Most superheroes know how to get around in style. Whether it's Wonder Woman's invisible car or Superman's famous ability to fly, these iconic characters frequently make waves with their chosen mode of transportation. Another top-notch vehicle that made its way into comic book lore is the Batmobile, which Batman uses to make his way around Gotham. Fictional versions of the car are tricked out with plenty of special amenities and out-of-this-world gadgets, but the real-life models that have been created are nothing to scoff at. 

    One modern version of the Batmobile was recently revealed, and this model contains some distinct features that make it unlike anything else that has previously been made - such as the fact that it's the first Batmobile to come in the form of a truck. 

    The Ford Batmobile
    The first Batmobile was constructed in 1965, using spare parts from a hardware store and the body from a Ford Futura concept car. It sold for $4.2 million at a car auction in January 2013. George Barris was the mastermind behind that vehicle, and his grandson, Jared Barris, led the charge for this updated Batmobile truck as a way to pay homage to his grandfather. 

    During the opening day of San Diego Comic Con, July 18, one Southern California customizer unveiled "The Crimefighter." Constructed from a Ford F-150, this modified truck underwent a few rounds of repairs and upgrades to make it fit for a superhero. The finished product has a tuxedo black paint job with red accents - much like its famous predecessor. Its bed has fins added for a special touch and the appearance of speed, while the engine is a 5.0-liter V8. It may not have some of the extras that the original Batmobile did, but it's certainly a sight for fans of trucks. 

    Not your average truck mods
    The changes made to the Ford F-150 to create this new Batmobile are not among the popular truck mods that drivers make when customizing their off-road vehicle. However, that doesn't mean off-roading enthusiasts can't make some similar alterations to achieve a look like the Batmobile. 

    While you may have your own ideas in mind as you set out to make truck modifications, those drivers who are fans of Batman can recreate this Batmobile - for a price. No exact details about the cost of such a makeover have been released, but it's sure to cost a pretty penny and ring up a much higher sticker price than doing your own modifications.