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    Building blocks for the perfect off-road truck

    Whether you prefer dune bashing or have a penchant for mud bogging, odds are that you'll need to make at least a few adjustments to your truck to ensure your adventures don't damage the vehicle. There are countless truck mods that can help you fine tune your ride to your exact specifications, but a few of them are universally smart ideas for all off-road drivers. While many trucks and SUVs like the Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Range Rover are built to drive off the beaten path with ease, they will need adjustments so you don't wind up cracking an axle or damaging the undercarriage. Here are a few of the things you should consider when you begin modifying your truck.

    Lift kits
    Ground clearance is an important factor to take into consideration if you want to go off-roading. Everything from boulders to fallen tree branches can scrape along the underside of your vehicle if you do not have enough space between the car and the ground, which, may cause harm to various auto parts and lead to costly repairs. A lift kit modifies the suspension system, allowing you to install larger tires and give you some more breathing room. This truck mod will also create a wider range of travel for the vehicle, so you won't get tossed around as much when traversing a highly uneven area. You will want to find a lift kit that is best suited for the type of off-roading you plan to do, as mud bogging and desert driving will require different systems.

    After installing a lift kit, you'll have more room for larger tires. These serve two purposes - the first being a higher ground clearance for the vehicle. Larger tires will also have more surface area, making it easier for you to get across rocky sections without fear of getting stuck while providing better traction. You can get a set of all-terrain or mud tires that are designed specifically for off-roading, and Jalopnik reports that bigger is better.

    Skid plates
    While large tires and lift kits will go a long way to preventing damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle, there are still bound to be large obstacles that might scrape up against your car as you pass over them. You can install skid plates that are designed to protect everything from the gas tank and differentials to the oil pan and rocker panels, so you won't have to worry about getting stuck out in the wilderness with a truck that won't start.