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    Chrysler inching closer to Jeep recall

    For years, drivers have turned to Jeep vehicles when they were in search of a reliable automobile. The brand has a reputation for producing some of the most capable off-road driving options on the market, and many recreational users have spent their time and money making a number of Jeep modifications to upgrade their rides. Unfortunately for these drivers, there may be some problems on the horizon for Jeep, and a recall could even be in the cards for the oft-reliable brand. 

    AutoBlog reported that Chrysler, Jeep's parent company, has been in a battle with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the past several years. The safety organization claims that more than 3 million Jeeps are currently affected by a problem with the location of the gas tank in the lineup. According to the NHTSA, in a rear-end collision, the gas tank may be damaged, causing fires and injuries. Chrysler maintained that there was no such issue, but the company eventually agreed to join in a voluntary inspection of several Jeep models. 

    Now that this campaign is underway, Chrysler has agreed to recall more than 1.5 million vehicles, and as many as 2.7 million SUVs, including Grand Cherokees and Libertys, The Detroit News reported. To prevent further issues, the automaker will be installing special trailer hitches that add another layer of protection should an accident occur. 

    "Chrysler Group has finalized replacement part design and is initiating the tooling process to deliver the required volume," Chrysler said in a statement, as quoted by The New York Times. "Launching a safety recall demands complex engineering and close collaboration with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration well before we accumulate replacement parts. Chrysler Group takes seriously its commitment to customer safety." 

    The full recall has yet to go into effect, but drivers who own a Jeep vehicle may want to take a closer look at the safety features of their vehicle. A few simple changes can go a long way toward safety.