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    Could plastic be the latest trend with truck exteriors?

    It's natural to want to protect an investment - especially if that investment happens to be a truck. Once you've poured time and money into a vehicle, whether for maintenance, truck mods or simply time spent driving, you form a connection with the truck. At this point, there's a good chance you'll want to take every possible precaution to protect the off-road vehicle, and for many, this includes installing a bedliner. 

    Benefits of a bedliner
    A bedliner is a protective covering designed to guard against damage in a truck bed. The basic idea is that the covering prevents cargo, whether it is sharp tools, sand or other freight, from scratching the surfaces or interfering with the inner workings of the vehicle. 

    Bedliners are available in two styles: drop-in or spray-on. Sprayed bedliners are the most popular. Although it can be difficult to apply this tool properly - the weather and materials used play a major factor in the process - the end result is a durability that most fans of off-roading or heavy-duty work appreciate. 

    Rugged looks
    While some would consider installing a bedliner purely for its practical uses, there are a number of other advantages that make it an even more alluring option. USA Today reports that many drivers are applying spray-on bedliners to the exterior of their trucks, as the coating provides a tough, rugged look perfect for off-road driving. 

    Once the liner has been sprayed onto the exterior of a vehicle, the machine appears to have a matte finish, which generally evokes a sense of durability and, in some cases, a military-inspired feel. As an added bonus, the coating protects the exterior of the vehicle from nicks or scrapes that would otherwise damage the paint, allowing owners to focus on off-roading instead of keeping clean. 

    "We are definitely seeing an increase in customers asking about the outside of their vehicles being sprayed," Jenny Clifford, spokeswoman for Line-X, told the news source. "They think it looks cool or gives the vehicle a rugged, tough factor ... We always love to see new and different applications with our product, when it's done correctly." 

    This trend is still in the beginning stages, so there's only a small chance you'll see one of these coated vehicles on the roads or trails in the near future. Still, the additional protection is something off-road enthusiasts may want to consider and could even become the next big trend in truck modifications.