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    Ford launches new parts guarantee

    Anyone who considers themselves part of the world of off-roading has likely pushed their vehicle to the limit. While this is mostly an enjoyable experience, encountering obstacles in the midst of your off-road driving could lead to damage to your car. There also may be instances when you notice something is wrong with a vital part of your vehicle, and if the problem didn't arise during one of your adventures, the car itself may be at fault.

    If you're driving a newer automobile, you'll want to take advantage of a warranty to replace these parts. Luckily for many new truck owners, Ford has enhanced its warranty system to provide more comprehensive coverage to all drivers. With the new protection plan, parts and labor costs of Ford vehicles are covered for 24 months from the time of purchase and installation with no restrictions on mileage. That is certainly good news for fans of off-roading who often take their automobiles across long distances in a short amount of time. 

    "Ford is dedicated to constant improvement in all we do," said Fredereik Toney, president of Ford Customer Service. "Ford Genuine and Motorcraft replacement parts are approved by Ford engineering. In the unlikely even a part fails, our new warranty demonstrates our commitment to quality, our customers and our intent to provide greater peace of mind and in improved ownership experience." 

    While a warranty may not help complete the truck mods you've been considering, it could provide the peace of mind you need to tinker with a vehicle. Ford claims that its new warranty service will cover the cost of a part when an owner chooses to finish the installation themselves, and beginners who feel the need to take the car into a dealership for repairs can have the cost of parts and labor reimbursed.