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    GM increases the sticker price of its trucks

    Those who like pickup trucks may face an unfortunate rise in the price of their desired vehicles when they head to the dealership. General Motors recently announced that the base price of its 2014 full-size pickup trucks would be raised at least $1,500. With that change, the new prices for a standard model Chevrolet Silverado would reach $26,670 - up from the $24,585 that a new 2013 model cost. 

    A few drivers may be surprised about the price increase, especially considering it follows a month where GM's sales were down, USA Today reported. However, despite the drop in sales of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, which were off approximately 10.8 percent and 1.5 percent, respectively, GM is confident in its 2014 models.

    It will likely be an uphill battle for the brand's pickup trucks, however, as they will have to compete with the Ford F-Series and Chrysler's Ram. Those models are the two most popular in the U.S. and posted impressive gains in recent months. 

    Still, GM claims that drivers shouldn't be too concerned about the increase, even though it may irk fans of off-roading who have plans for making major truck mods or installing a Chevy lift kit. 

    "This price adjustment was planned and is a normal part of business," GM spokesman Jim Cain told USA Today. "... A new truck with more capability, more power, better mileage, more equipment - that's kind of a rebate itself." 

    The manufacturer plans on offering a $1,500 rebate to cut down on the bottom line, but many drivers may not be aware of that option - leaving GM with an additional $1,500 from each purchase. Providing special money-back deals will also allow dealers to advertise big sales and savings, which in turn may attract more buyers.