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    GM recalls thousands of pickup trucks

    Owners of pickup trucks from General Motors may want to double check some features of the ride before getting behind the wheel. GM was recently forced to recall almost 22,000 pickup trucks due to a malfunction with the seats found in a few models. 

    The affected models are all the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado or the 2014 GMC Sierra. In each of these trucks, the front seats can move beyond an acceptable range of motion if the vehicle is struck from behind, causing harm to the driver or passenger, or even interfering with other safety features like the seatbelt. Because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been closed as part of the government shutdown, there are few additional details known about this recall, but more information could be released in the future. 

    This is the second recall issued for the 2014 Silverado and Sierra. Previously, GM was forced to deal with a problem with the airbags in the trucks. That threat, although serious, only affected about 843 vehicles. Owners concerned about their seats or airbags can take the trucks to a dealer for a quick fix, free of charge. 

    Drivers who have made truck mods to the Silverado or the Sierra will still want to give their vehicles a once-over. While there have been no reports of injuries due to the issue, that doesn't mean it couldn't pose a problem in the future, especially if you are off-roading. Unknown terrain around an off-road vehicle could lead to accidents if drivers are not paying attention to their surroundings, and even special harnesses or armor attached to a truck may not be enough to prevent the seats from being affected in a collision.