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    GMC Canyon to debut at Detroit Auto Show

    When news about the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado first came out, many fans of pickup trucks were excited but hesitant. After all, General Motors hadn't created a midsize pickup for several years, and the market for the style of vehicle has dwindled significantly in the past decade. However, some early reviews seem to point to the fact that the Colorado will be a success, and GM hopes it can carry that momentum through to the new 2015 GMC Canyon as well. 

    A big unveiling
    Recently, GM revealed that the 2015 GMC Canyon will be debuting at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, which is taking place this upcoming January. This will be just one of the dozens of unveilings that are expected to take place during the auto show. While none of the other scheduled debuts will have much of an impact on the off-roading community, the Canyon should make a splash. 

    What to expect
    So what can drivers expect from the 2015 GMC Canyon? Unfortunately, not much is known about the truck, but some early sightings of the test models were reported earlier in the year. Those confirmed that the truck would be available with both regular and crew cab options, and its exterior design will largely consist of straight edges with rounded corners and a rounded roof, Automobile magazine reported. A teaser image released by the brand simply showed the front grille of the truck, and there is nothing especially noteworthy there. 

    The Canyon is also expected to be similar in style to the 2014 GMC Sierra in many respects. Qualities like excellent payload capacity and trailering are likely to be included, which will allow the truck to immediately compete with models like the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier, according to Auto Evolution. 

    Off-roading capabilities
    Auto Evolution reported that the GMC Canyon will have several major differences from the 2015 Colorado. However, those contrasts may be particularly appealing to fans of off-roading, as the Canyon is poised to be more in the line with the needs of off-road driving. 

    "GMC will be more about conquest," GM president Mark Ruess said, as quoted by the news source. "The Chevy will be about value." 

    However, drivers who are interested in the GMC Canyon may have to be flexible, as it could take time for model-specific gear, such as lift kits, to hit the market.