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    Michelin recalls more than 1 million tires

    Michelin has long been one of the most trusted names in tires, but a recent recall may have some drivers double-checking their wheels. The tire manufacturer enacted a safety recall Dec. 13, announcing that nearly 1.2 million tires in North America may be subject to the concerns. 

    According to Michelin, some tires have shown rapid tread or air loss. Although only a small percentage of the products are experiencing damage, the manufacturer is offering to replace the gear at no charge at retail locations around the U.S. 

    While mostly concentrated in the U.S., the recall does also extend to Mexico and Canada. The affected tires are primarily found on light trucks, full-sized vans and some large pickup trucks, according to Michelin. All were produced between January 2010 and June 2012, and drivers concerned about their tires should check the date range on each to determine if they need to be checked. 

    No injuries have been reported as a result of the faulty tires, which were sold as both the original tires on some vehicles and as replacements. 

    This recall may be just a bump in the road for some, but it does shine a light on a possibility that many drivers may want to consider: special off-road driving tires. Tire damage may arise for a number of reasons, including incorrect use, and that can be remedied by investing in a heavy-duty option that is primed for all kinds of conditions. The right tires can improve efficiency while also expanding off-roading capabilities.

    Drivers who want to make sure their vehicle is ready to handle whatever dune bashing or rock crawling is on the schedule should consider upgrading tires for improved safety and rugged abilities. Being open to new tires also allows owners to add alterations such as a lift kit, which further improves the function of an automobile.