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    More drivers looking to all-wheel drive

    If there's one feature almost all fans of off-road driving can agree is worthwhile, it's four- or all-wheel drive. While these features are quite different, they both ultimately offer motorists greater control over their vehicles, allowing everyone to take advantage of improved safety and intense capabilities. 

    All-wheel drive, in particular, has risen in popularity in recent years. According to The Detroit News, almost one-third of all vehicles sold in the first nine months of 2013 had all-wheel drive. That is a 5 percent increase over the same time period five years ago, and doesn't include the significant number of drivers investing in vehicles with four-wheel drive instead. 

    "It brings this complete bundle of safety, driving performance and capability," Jeremy Acevedo, the supervisor of pricing and industry analysis for "It's a really big add for consumers." 

    Although off-roading enthusiasts will likely be sticking to their traditional four-wheel drive, knowing what is going on in the rest of the auto industry is important. Many SUVs and crossovers are beginning to offer this feature, including models like the Toyota RAV4 and Ford Escape, and it could soon spread to other popular models. In fact, Jeep is planning to offer a crossover in the near future with this amenity, while all Land Rovers sold in the U.S. also include four- or all-wheel drive, the news source reported. 

    Of course, one key consideration for many will be how Jeep or truck mods will work with these capabilities. It's a well-known fact that installing a lift kit can make steering more difficult, but dealing with tire upgrades or other changes in addition may have an impact on the car's performance. However, with a few precautions and add-ons, drivers can make sure they are retaining the quality of their automobile while also making it a prime off-road vehicle.