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    More truck mods being done on the latest Dodge trucks

    Many truck modifications are done to more affordable models that have been used for off-roading in the past. New trucks don't require as much work and improvements as older models, and owners often aren't as keen to perform truck mods to change their new rides - which makes working on used trucks much more manageable. As such, there are constantly new offerings entering the market, and many of these tools are catered toward used trucks from previous model years. 

    More Dodge modifications
    A drop in the price of many Ram trucks means that it is easier for drivers to make truck mods to the vehicle. According to Off-Road Web, many of the more recent Ram truck models are seeing costs come down, which makes finding the right Dodge lift kit more manageable than ever before. 

    It's relatively easy to find gear for a Dodge suspension for a number of different models, especially now that several popular off-road vehicles are a generation old. Demand for many of these tools is growing, so you may soon see more offerings from the Ram line on the trails in the near future. 

    Ram Black Express
    Although many truck mods are done to older, used models, a new offering from Ram Truck may prove to be a popular option. The 2013 Ram Black Express is a factory truck that is set apart by its all-black exterior, which boasts 20-inch black aluminum wheels, a dark grille and numerous other blacked-out features. Its automaker calls it the "baddest-looking factory-built truck on the market," with its interior and exterior outfitted with the darkest additions available, USA Today reports. 

    The only things not blacked-out are the halogen projector head lamps and amber turn signals. Other offerings included in the vehicle are special features like front and rear stabilizer bars, heavy-duty shock absorbers and a powerful engine. 

    "Ram Trucks are known for their bold, in-your-face presence," said Reid Bigland, president and CEO of the brand. "The new Black Express takes Ram's aggressive good looks to an all new sinister level by 'blackening out' the entire truck while maintaining a great price." 

    Available in two- or four-wheel-drive models, this Ram truck may be the next hot vehicle - and it could prove to be the perfect option for fans of off-roading who want their ride to look as cool as possible.