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    New details emerge about the Range Rover Sport's record drive

    In the beginning of November, Land Rover made a splash in the world of off-roading following the announcement that one of its models would undergo an intense challenge. The 2014 Range Rover Sport, one of the newest introductions from the manufacturer, was poised to conquer Arabia's Empty Quarter. 

    Land Rover's video
    To mark the occasion, the automaker released a video chronicling some of the most impressive feats from the Range Rover Sport. Documenting the entirety of the trip across the Empty Quarter, the film focuses on the incredibly demanding landscape crossed by the vehicle. 

    The nearly six-minute video details the vast size of the Empty Quarter, as well as the dangerous terrain. Massive sand dunes dotted much of the horizon, and sand was everywhere. Although there were a few relatively flat stretches of land, the drivers had to look out for rocks, remains and other obstacles that could have potentially damaged the off-road vehicle. All of this was done at high speeds - an average of more than 51 mph - leaving little reaction time in the event things went south. 

    Security and safety reasons meant that no journalists were present during the high-speed drive. However, fans of off-roading can get a glimpse of the intense terrain conquered quite easily thanks to this video. 

    Dominate off-road driving
    Temperatures regularly surpassed 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with some of the hottest days inching closer to 120 degrees. There were also no reliable water sources and hostile terrain all around, which meant both the vehicle and the driver had to be prepared for anything. Professional off-road racer Moi Torrallardona did his part, and the Range Rover Sport picked up the rest. 

    One of the most dangerous parts was going down sand dunes. These steep hills provided very little traction, especially with the loose sand making up the entire ground, but the Range Rover Sport was able to hold its own. The team also encountered a hiccup at the three-fourths mark of the journey, as they ran into a sand storm and had to slow progress. The giant drifts of sand buried the tires of the vehicle for a short time, forcing Torrallardona and his partner to dig the Range Rover out of the trap. 

    Even with these obstacles, the Range Rover Sport was able to successfully complete the journey - and all with limited enhancements.