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    New list highlights the best off-road vehicles of the year

    It's never easy to try and sift through all of the available information regarding potential vehicles. With so many statistics, reviews and other write-ups out there for the public, drivers have a lot to consider when they're looking at off-road options. In some instances, you've got to turn to other sources for input, which is why lists like "The Top 10 4x4 Off-Road Trucks This Year," released by, can be so helpful.

    This ranking looked at some of the best trucks and SUVs for off-road driving introduced this year. The list contains some vehicles that are traditional choices for off-roading, as well as some other options you may not have previously considered.

    "Off-road vehicles are no longer minimalist cars that have few creature comforts and are difficult to drive in everyday situations, and this new list reflects that," said Doug Hamlin, founder of "Buyers can find a wide variety of brand new trucks and SUVs in any price range, and select the one that fits their budget and sense of adventure." 

    Here are a few of the selections that singled out as being among the best options of the year so far:

    2013 Ram 1500
    It's no surprise to see the Ram 1500 on this list. Through the first several months of 2013, the pickup has racked up tons of awards and accolades, including many that have cited it as being one of the best - if not the best - options of any automobile on the market. One of the calling cards of this model is its frame, which is rugged and capable of handling whatever obstacles you throw at it. An adjustable air suspension can be easily modified with a Dodge lift kit, and the impressive 407 foot-pounds of torque is standing by to get you through any kind of tough situation.

    2013 Honda Ridgeline
    There are some instances where fans of off-roading have to toe the line between heavy-duty vehicles and family-friendly options that can meet a variety of needs. Although it's not usually considered to be an off-road staple, the 2013 Honda Ridgeline has enough amenities to keep fans of off-roading happy while also serving as an everyday car. It's got plenty of cargo space for gear and supplies, as well as above-average steering and all-wheel drive. 

    2013 Jeep Wrangler
    No list of the best off-road vehicles would be complete without the presence of the Jeep Wrangler. As with its predecessors, this Wrangler was practically born to conquer tough terrain. Valuing function over flair, the ride is ready to hit the trails with or without Jeep modifications, and making even a few small changes to the ride can turn it into the off-road vehicle of your dreams. Tires perfect for mud bogging and hardcore rock rails are just two of the many included features that can enhance your time on the trails. 

    2014 Toyota Tundra TRD
    As one of the newest inclusions on the list, the 2014 Toyota Tundra TRD still has a lot to prove - but it seems more than up to the task. The TRD package is designed to offer some of the most popular off-road amenities, bringing drivers tools like Bilstein shocks. Special touches to the exterior aim to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics, while also making for a more stable driving experience - no matter what the environment. This Toyota is still in the process of being rolled out to dealerships around the U.S., but it is definitely one to keep an eye on as the year goes by.