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    New Products: Rough Country Ring & Pinion Gears, Master Overhaul Kits, Spider Gears and More!

    Geared Up!

    Rough Country Ring & Pinion Gears:

    Regain your lifted Jeep's factory performance and take your rock crawling experience to a whole, new level with Rough Country's Ring & Pinion Kits. Our durable aftermarket gear upgrade kits breathe new life into your lifted Jeep, especially when equipped with 35" or larger tires.

    Ring and Pinion Gears help your vehicle take power supplied from the driveshaft and push it out to through the axle shafts to the wheels. Once a lift and larger tires are installed, however, the factory gear ratio is off, resulting in a slower-turning driveshaft and engine. This weakened power state can rob your vehicle's performance and even your fuel economy. By upgrading to Rough Country gears, you'll gain the ability to tame your larger, aftermarket tires as if they were stock height - allowing you unparalleled power in off-road or rock crawling situations.
    Rough Country's smooth-finished gears run cooler and quieter than other solutions, while our durable construction. easy set-up and affordable price makes Rough Country an easy choice for upgrading your gears! Best of all, Rough Country Gears include an 10-Year Manufacturer's Warrantee guaranteeing your gears to be free of manufacturer's defects for over a decade!

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    Master Overhaul Install Kit:

    Install your Rough Country Gears easily and accurately with Rough Country's Master Overhaul Installation Kit. This all-inclusive kit features everything you need to easily install your new ring & pinion gears with confidence. This kit includes a set of Koyo carrier bearings and races, Koyo pinion bearings and races, pinion seal, ring gear bolts, deluxe shim kit, pinion nut, crush sleeve (select models) oil baffle and slingers (select models), threading locking compound, marking compound, brush and gasket.

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