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    Nissan Titan undergoing mudding tests

    Automakers are always striving to make their offerings bigger and better. What is not as common is manufacturers searching for input from everyday drivers who use the vehicles in a variety of ways. Nissan is aiming to change that, however. The Japanese brand is striving to collect feedback from people all over the U.S. to figure out just what these drivers are looking for in pickup trucks. 

    To better understand what drivers want, Nissan took its trucks to Texas, where engineers observed as drivers took the trucks off-roading. Several motorists used the PRO-4X pickups to participate in some extreme mudding. According to, locals call the event, which is hosted by Sure-Shot Game Calls, the "gumbo mud" run. Founded by James Hernandez, the event takes drivers through wet and wild conditions, and Nissan likely wanted to see how its vehicles would hold up in the rough terrain. 

    The news source reported that Nissan was also eager to get feedback on its off-roading suspension, large tires and other intense features. In the past, many off-road vehicles have gotten stuck in the mud, but the Nissan rides used this year proved to be a bit stronger. 

    "We sure enough tried to bury these things. And I mean we tried. We just couldn't do it," said Hillary Dyer, editor of Waterfowl and Retriever, a guide for outdoor recreation, as quoted by "We got stuck for just a second, and we were able to rock ourselves right out." 

    Mudding in a Nissan Titan isn't a new pastime by any means. The full-size pickup is a solid choice for the pastime and has a number of truck mods that can be completed to make it better suited for the wet terrain.