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    Pickups are popular across the US

    Anyone involved with off-road driving knows that different vehicles are better suited to separate tasks. While that may leave some drivers choosing between various pickup trucks and Jeeps based on their off-roading needs, it is also a trend that exists for all motorists across the U.S. 

    Business Insider recently teamed up with Kelley Blue Book to collect data about the best-selling cars in each state. The final results don't show anything too unexpected, but the trends revealed by the data may be interesting for a few drivers. 

    One of the biggest takeaways from the research was the sheer popularity of the Ford F-Series. The line of pickup trucks was the No. 1 selection in more than 30 states, with most concentrated across the middle of the country. The popularity of the truck probably has a lot to do with its attractive exterior and alluring amenities, but there are also a few other advantages. For example, it's easy to make truck mods to the Ford F-Series thanks to the availability of tools and equipment, which may make the pickup a viable choice for many drivers. 

    There were a few outliers, however. For one, Oklahoma was the only state to have the Toyota Tacoma as its best-selling vehicle. Indiana and Maine also bucked the trend, instead boasting the Chevy Silverado as the most popular automobile. Surprisingly, Vermont was the only state where the GMC Sierra was the No. 1 vehicle. Although the state is filled with wide open spaces that may be ideal for off-roading, it also has a reputation for being more environmentally conscious than others

    The remaining states - much of which are concentrated in the Northeast - saw sedans and compact cars as the most popular options. States such as Michigan, Florida and California also had smaller vehicles atop the popularity ranking.