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    Pickups do big business in the fall

    In the past several months, the auto industry has welcomed several high-profile pickup trucks to the scene. From brand new models to completely redesigned editions, these rugged vehicles are giving drivers plenty of choices to consider as they shop around for a new ride. Fans of off-roading who are looking for a potential off-road vehicle may want to take a serious look at some of the most popular additions to the marketplace. 

    November sales
    Detroit News reported that vehicle sales in November reached approximately 1.2 million. That success could mean record sales for the entire year, as the total number of new cars sold is expected to exceed 15.5 million units - about 1 million more than 2012. 

    The month of November saw impressive sales figures for all vehicles, but especially with regard to pickup trucks. While the entire year has boasted mostly positive numbers for automakers, pickup trucks continue to be one of the most sought-after vehicle types in the U.S. 

    "Certainly sales have come in far beyond our expectations," said Alec Gutierrez, a senior analyst for Kelley Blue Book, as quoted by Detroit News. "... The level of sales volume in that last weekend was just very, very strong." 

    Some brands stand apart
    Although the entire segment of pickup trucks experienced success, a few brands have more reasons to celebrate than others. Ford was at the front of the pack, selling more than 65,000 models of the F-Series. That is about 16 percent more than in November 2012, and the yearly sales are also posting big increases. Ford has sold approximately 688,000 versions of the F-Series so far in 2013, which is far and away the most of any automaker, reported. 

    "November was fairly typical, producing a strong sales lift toward the end of the month around the Thanksgiving holiday weekend," Erich Merkle, an analyst for Ford, told Detroit News. "It should be noted the month continued to show a market that is experiencing a good deal of resilience, particularly as we compare to October." 

    In a distant second place was the Chevrolet Silverado. November sales for this vehicle jumped more than 12 percent to approximately 34,000 vehicles in the month compared to last year, and it has moved about 437,000 pickups in 2013. Shortly behind that was Ram Truck. Although the brand had a more than 20 percent increase in monthly sales from 2012, it still ended up in third place with 322,268 trucks sold in the year.