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    Protect weak spots of the Jeep JK with armor

    Jeep has made a name for itself as one of the most rugged brands in the world of off-roading. Its exemplary tradition and reputation may be well deserved, but that doesn't mean there are not areas where the vehicle could use some improvement. 

    Weak points to watch
    Even installing a Jeep lift kit on a machine can't prevent all kinds of damage from striking the bottom of the vehicle. While raising a vehicle can certainly reduce the number of obstacles it comes in contact with, it does not eliminate the threat of harm all together, which makes caring for at-risk areas extremely important.

    One area to watch is the front and rear axles. While these axles are designed to withstand wear and tear of everyday driving and off-roading, there are always unexpected obstacles that may pop up along the way and throw off the alignment. There are also a few spots along the axles that are susceptible to bending, which can cause tires to tilt inward or create gaps at the ball joints, both of which will negatively affect the performance of your Jeep. 

    The axles aren't the only weak points on a Jeep. Owners will also want to protect areas like the gas tank and muffler, which can be easily damaged while off-road driving and run up the cost of auto repair. 

    Why armor? 
    These weak points on a Jeep JK may not seem like much, but damage to these areas may be extremely costly. You could have to replace and install new gear, racking up expenses while also missing out on valuable time on the off-road trails. Instead of wasting time and money on these damages, you can take preemptive action to protect your Jeep from harm. 

    Armor and skid plates typically consist of heavy-duty plate steel that protect the underside of a Jeep. Once these accessories are installed, you can focus all of your attention on enjoying the off-roading experience and conquering any obstacles that get in your way - without worrying about excessive damage to the bottom of your vehicle. 

    Making Jeep modifications like installing skid plates and armor can go a long way toward protecting an off-road vehicle. To cut down on costs and aggravation, consider investing in some Jeep JK armor and get a head start on preventative maintenance and care.