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    Ram debuts off-roading concept truck at SEMA

    As the 2013 SEMA Show continues on, more automakers are making waves with special editions and concept trucks. Chevy went out and unveiled its new idea on the first day, turning its focus toward a smaller, lighter model that favors performance over anything else. Although the design may not have been for everyone, it was an interesting idea to explore and may have piqued the interest of drivers. 

    Ram was the latest to jump on board with special trucks, as the manufacturer teamed up with American Expedition Vehicles to form a special Ram Concept that entered the public eye at the SEMA Show. 

    The latest Ram
    Based on the 2014 Ram 2500 Crew Cab, the newest Ram concept is designed to be an all-encompassing off-road vehicle. Boasting a new modular style, the vehicle comes equipped with heavy-duty winches, a diesel engine, custom shocks and a high-steer kit for better performance. 

    It also already comes outfitted with a Dodge lift kit, which bumps up the ground clearance by 3 inches while still using factory coils. That helps to make room for 40-inch tires, which operate seamlessly with custom-made fender flares. These create a completely unique look for the truck, furthering its reputation as a rugged off-road truck that is capable of anything. 

    Primed for off-road driving
    This AEV Ram Concept is outfitted with plenty of features that make it a great option for off-roading. As it was designed specifically for the consummate outdoorsman and off-road driver, that's certainly no surprise, but enthusiasts may have to wait to get behind the wheel. Although it appears to be ready for production, there is no official word on when a release will take place, according to AutoBlog. 

    This isn't the first time American Expedition Vehicles has set out to create a unique off-road vehicle. The Michigan-based company has been modifying SUVs and trucks for more than 15 years, the news source reported. However, this concept is the first it ever collaborated on with Dodge. The company typically makes Jeep modifications that result in automobiles capable of extreme off-roading, although they tend to lack the ability to haul heavy loads. That is one of the major qualities of this Ram, so perhaps AEV is changing its tune and striving to make more well-rounded off-road vehicles.