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    Ram hints at future models

    The Ram 1500 has been among the top pickup trucks throughout the past several years. Its most recent accolade was for the 2014 Motor Trend Truck of the Year, which was won thanks to the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel's excellent features.

    While many of these award-winning qualities will likely be present on future models, not much else is known about what the next generation of Ram trucks may look like. That is, until now, as a new commercial may be providing some insight as to the direction of this coveted off-road vehicle. The preview was shown in a recent television commercial that was made to honor the truck's Motor Trend victory. 

    According to Automotive News, the 30-second commercial showed a pickup truck in a Ram testing lab. There is then a shot of the Ram logo centered on the grille of a pickup - but it's not a design we have seen in the past. This new style is a bit more streamlined than the current design, and it was attached to a model that had a few other differences from the existing automobiles as well. The mystery vehicle boasts a prominent bump on its front hood, a more slanted windscreen and a cab with a pinched greenhouse, the news source reported. 

    A Ram spokesman denied that this truck is indeed the next generation of the 1500 pickup truck, but did reveal the commercial was "intended to show what's behind designing, engineering and building great trucks," according to Automotive News. So although it is not the exact model fans of truck mods can expect in the near future, it could have some features that will soon be spotted on the roads.