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    Ram introduces 3 new concept trucks

    It was an eventful few days at the 2013 SEMA Show, with many automakers unveiling their unique creations and concepts to the public. Ram was one of the many manufacturers to show off a few unique designs, and three of them should definitely have stood out to avid off-road drivers. Although these were just three of many vehicles the American brand brought with it to Las Vegas, they were definitely among the models that made an impact. 

    Ram Sun Chaser
    The Ram Sun Chaser isn't quite like any other off-road vehicle from the brand. It's more suited for the beach than the wilderness, but those drivers who spend a lot of time off-roading in unique destinations or traveling across large expanses of sand might not mind. At the heart of the Sun Chaser is a two-inch Dodge lift kit, and adjustable seats that can be arranged to fit any type of recreational gear. 

    Surfers can carry their equipment with the help of a specially designed roof rack that has been renamed the "surf rack." With two adjustable support rails able to change size to accommodate any size surfboard, plus additional hooks on the side of the rails that can hold as many as four boards, there is plenty of room to store all of the gear a surfer needs. 

    Painted with a coat of "Vibrance Orange Blast," the Sun Chaser also features two-tone accents in "Brilliant Black." Drivers can keep the exterior looking pristine with a bed-side storage update that keeps a water tank and hose on hand at all times. This system allows an owner to wash off salt water, sand or seaweed without an external hook up, and there is even a portable shower head that can be transformed into a shower kit for on-the-go use.

    Ram Dually Case Work Truck
    Those who want their vehicles to be a bit more heavy-duty can turn their attention to the Dually Case Work Truck. Built from a Ram 3500 regular cab truck with a diesel engine, this pickup is painted a "Bulldozer Orange" and includes a number of truck mods that make it well-suited for construction work. 

    Protection of the vehicle is of the utmost importance, especially on a potentially hazardous construction site, which is why rear splash guards and power running boards have already been installed. There are also numerous alterations that can make it more apt for a construction zone. A split pullout bedliner can transform into a workbench in minutes, while utility rails and cargo hoops provide the space and tools needed to carry extra equipment. 

    The truck was created as part of an effort with Case, an agricultural and construction equipment provider that is part of Fiat Industrial, which also shares a parent company with Ram. According to, the prevalence of Case on this specific truck was done to underscore Ram's strong ties and history with the construction industry and emphasize its capabilities within this sphere. 

    Ram ProMaster
    Rounding out the collection of modified Ram trucks is the ProMaster. This truck was designed to act as the perfect balance between being an off-road vehicle and a race-support vehicle. It is capable of pulling heavy loads and has a hitch receiver and trailer-tow wiring harness attached. Intense splash guards and increased cargo space mean that you can transport any equipment and not have to worry about the potential for damage. Toolboxes, spare tires and bins come together to create a "rolling garage" that would be suitable for any driver. 

    A few racing-inspired design elements complete the ProMaster. Accents in Mopar Blue complement the leather interior, which also boasts Wi-Fi and a power inverter.