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    Ram Truck named 'Most Ideal Brand' by AutoPacific

    Each year, AutoPacific gives out awards to various vehicles and brands that have earned "most ideal" ratings, and the Ram Truck brand took the top accolade for 2013. With a title like "Most Ideal Popular Brand," it's easy to see why Ram is so beloved among people who love off-road driving or have heavy-duty jobs to do.

    Drivers love their Ram trucks
    The AutoPacific Awards are decided by drivers who fill out surveys that aim to find out how likely the participants are to change vehicles based on 15 different categories. More than 52,000 car and truck owners revealed how they feel about their current rides in terms of power, acceleration, storage and more. Ram owners were the least likely to want to change vehicles, which indicates they're the most content with their current rides.

    "The Ideal Vehicle Awards show that marketers, product planners, researchers and engineers have developed and launched a vehicle executed best for their target market," said Dan Hall, vice president of AutoPacific.

    Jeep saw some success too
    In addition to Ram, the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee was recognized for its high quality and driver satisfaction. The off-road vehicle received the award for "Most Ideal Mid-Size SUV," marking the third consecutive year the model has won this accolade. Since Jeep and Ram are both sub-brands of Chrysler Group, their respective wins - coupled with the Chrysler Town & Country's "Most Ideal Minivan" award - highlight the top quality that the auto manufacturer is offering drivers. Whether consumers want pickup trucks or SUVs built for off-roading or they need minivans to cart their families around, Chrysler is a brand worth checking out.

    What's next for Ram?
    Ram recently unveiled its next big thing - the 1500 Rumble Bee concept pickup - at the 2013 Woodward Dream Cruise in metropolitan Detroit. This vehicle was modeled after the 1960s Super Bee, and Ram engineers started out with a 2013 Ram 1500 R/T. They added truck modifications such as "Drone Yellow" paint and a glossy black stripe that fades into honeycomb. The "bee" theme is echoed inside the passenger cab as well, with black and drone yellow leather seats and an amber-encased bee on the shifter knob. Not all the truck mods were about appearance either - they gave the pickup larger tires and dropped the suspension 2 inches to improve handling and performance.