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    Redesigned Jeeps debut at SEMA

    Jeep has a reputation for being ready to handle any type of off-roading environment, but that doesn't mean all of the brand's vehicles are equal. It's only natural to think that a few of the creations from the automaker are better suited to certain types of driving than others, and that train of thought was underscored at the SEMA Show. There, Jeep unveiled a few new customized concepts that are catered to certain types of off-roading, and the prospect of owning one of these rugged automobiles could be particularly intriguing for fans of intense off-road driving. 

    Jeep Cherokee Trail Carver
    Many drivers may not be familiar with Jeep modifications made to the Cherokee, but if the Trail Carver is any indication, the possibilities are endless - and impressive. Designed for motorists who need to head to the wilderness to get their fill of the great outdoors, this Jeep vehicle is equipped with all of the customized tools adventurous drivers need to attack the trails without sacrificing a sophisticated look on the highway. 

    The Trail Carver started with a Trailhawk 4x4 and a 3.2-liter V-6 engine. It has been outfitted with cold-air intake and a new exhaust system to improve performance out in nature. Off-road tires are also included, ensuring a smoother driving experience, while rock rails protect the shiny outside from too much damage. Drivers will also find a new roof basket, front wind deflector and tow hooks. 

    An exterior covered in "Auburn Pearl" paint ties the whole look together. It's accentuated with a few touches of orange and glossy black to give the vehicle a truly unique vibe, and that style is mirrored on the inside, where Amaretto leather seats have colored leather in the center. Leather wrapping is continued on the dashboard and center console, even touching the wireless smartphone charger Jeep included. 

    Jeep Wrangler Copper Crawler
    If you love to go rock crawling, then the Jeep Wrangler Copper Crawler is for you. While this off-road vehicle is a bit more subdued than the Trail Carver, it still packs in plenty of Jeep modifications that make it a viable option for off-roaders. 

    Based on the two-door 2014 Jeep Wrangler, the Copper Crawler boasts a front and rear bumper, lightweight rock rails and low-weight 17-inch wheels. The Rubicon bumper also has a winch and aero end caps on the front, while the section on the back comes complete with a rocker panel and taillight guards for additional protection from the terrain. Off-roading is easy with the help of the Jeep lift kit, which raises the vehicle 2 inches, as well as a transfer case that is ideal for low-speed rock crawling and a cold-air intake. 

    Like its name suggests, the Copper Crawler comes in an orange-yellow color that is accented by a black front grille and black beadlock tires. The tires even come equipped with copper rings to carry the unique style throughout the entirety of the automobile. Drivers will also notice a black hood decal, black leather seats, grab handles and black door-sill guards, all of which come together to create a look that is both attractive and functional. 

    Mopar accessories
    Both of the aforementioned automobiles utilized Mopar parts to create a unique off-road vehicle. That brand provides auto parts for all Chrysler vehicles, but it is certainly not the only option for drivers. Plenty of car owners who want to make their own modifications can take the project on themselves, purchasing any number of parts and accessories that can help them create the personalized Jeep JK they've always wanted.