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    Should you invest in tire chains for winter?

    Winter is the perfect time to upgrade your truck or SUV. The arrival of inclement weather brings about the prospect of driving in snowy or icy conditions, and that means it is time to complete a few truck modifications that could improve performance and handling in these instances. 

    The basics of tire chains
    A popular option for drivers getting ready for winter is tire chains. These devices increase traction in snowy conditions and can significantly improve the way an automobile performs in the winter, even if the vehicle has already been enhanced to offer intense capabilities. They are particularly good for those drivers who are in areas with unpredictable weather. If you only expect a light snowfall now and then, the chains - which can be easily stored in a vehicle until it's time to use them - could be a wise investment. 

    When purchasing tire chains, drivers should be sure they are buying gear that matches the size of their tires. You shouldn't have to let air out of the tires to get the chains to fit, and while this may lead to more time spent shopping around for the right set, the work pays off in the long run. You also need to make sure you are purchasing gear that is classified as SAE Class "S." These will work with the minimum clearance between tires and the vehicle frame, as well as with other parts of the automobile, ensuring you don't cause any damage. 

    Chains should be installed on the drive wheels of a vehicle. The sets mostly come in pairs, so anyone driving a four-wheel-drive machine will need to buy two to get the right coverage. Drivers should also keep in mind that these chains are designed for used specifically in snow - so there will likely be instances when they'll need to be removed before driving on pavement. However, if you have an off-road vehicle that is only used out in the wilderness, chains may be a good choice. 

    Other options
    Snow chains may be one of the more popular options for drivers looking to make some truck mods before winter, but they are certainly not the only choice. Some drivers might be drawn instead to snow tires, which provide increased elasticity for a better grip on the roads, while others may shelve off-roading entirely until better weather comes around.

    There are a few smaller details that can help you deal with winter driving. Mud flaps are designed to keep rocks, grit and road salt away from your car's paint job, while floor and cargo mats for the interior prevent mud and dirt from soaking into the carpet. Another good option is auxiliary lighting. Whether you want to incorporate top-of-the-line LED headlights or an extra light bar, adding tools that offer improved visibility could make it easier to drive in rough conditions. 

    Weighing the pros and cons of modifications
    Of course, tire chains may not be the best choice for everyone. Whether you want to make the move to this gear or a similar modification, it will come down to several different factors, and you will likely be forced to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each. Ultimately, your decision will hinge on your budget and competency, as well as the type of driving you expect to do during the colder months. If you're big into off-road driving and don't want low temperatures to slow you down, making these alterations may be worthwhile. For others, keeping up with regular maintenance and investing in smaller updates could be a better use of resources.