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    Start the off-road season right

    While we are already more than a month into 2014, the true off-road driving season has yet to begin. Although you may be eagerly anticipating its arrival, there is some value in waiting around for better weather: it leaves plenty of time plan and prepare for future adventures. 

    According to, there are a few things that any driver can do to make sure they get to enjoy tons of off-road driving excursions in the coming months. Here are three of the simplest ideas to keep in mind as you lay out your schedule for the year: 

    Start planning now
    It may be early in the year, but it's never too soon to begin organizing your trips for the spring, summer or fall. There are a number of sites that require campgrounds to be booked in advance, so it is smart to make these plans ahead of time to ensure you have space to sleep during overnight trips. Even something as simple as blocking off certain weekends or holidays can be beneficial. If you know you want to get behind the wheel of your off-road vehicle on a certain date, you'll be able to plan the rest of your life - appointments, parties and the like - around that commitment. 

    Additionally, now may be the perfect time to figure out which off-roading events you want to attend. For example, some drivers might find that 2014 is the year to finally register for a Jeep Jamboree, while others could be eager to check out the competition at a mudding event. Regardless of what you choose, there's a good chance you'll be able to check out some of the latest accessories on the market, as well as gain inspiration for future auto alterations. These gatherings are also a great opportunity to expose yourself to far-off locations or different brands of driving that you may not have considered otherwise. 

    Try something new
    Everyone has a few trails or locations that are their absolute favorites, and it's only natural to want to return to those spots year after year. However, you would be remiss to ignore new destinations. Choosing an off-road event is a good way to expose yourself to unexplored places, but even getting insight from friends or fellow drivers can be a big help. Another option is to switch up the type of driving you'll be doing. For example, if you love mudding and normally devote most of your time to it, you may want to organize at least one outing in 2014 where you test your skills at dune bashing. 

    Finish truck modifications early
    Deciding where you want to go and what you want to do has another benefit - you'll know what changes should be made to a vehicle. If you choose to go rock crawling for the first time, for instance, you may want to invest in skid plates and body armor that will prevent harm from coming to your automobile. 

    Tinkering around in your garage now also gives you something to do during the long winter months - and opens up more time for pure driving once the weather warms up. You'll also have the added advantage of extra time to fiddle with and perfect your upgrades. Anyone making major changes, such as installing a lift kit, may need to adjust to a slightly different way of driving, and it's best to get that done before you head out on a long expedition in the wilderness.