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    Summer is the perfect time to check out a mud bogging event

    Putting the finishing touches on a round of truck mods can be thrilling. You've invested plenty of time and money into the off-road vehicle in an attempt to outfit the truck with the latest and greatest tools, and now you want to show it off - but where do you go? For many, the answer may be their local off-roading trails, but other fans of mudding make the decision to seek out a slightly more festive atmosphere. 

    Competitive mudding
    Mud bogging is a popular pastime across North America, and many drivers make time to test out their truck modifications in the challenging setting. That's exactly what happens at mud bogging events, as drivers essentially do whatever they can to navigate their truck or jeep through a course, with the help of off-road driving techniques and vehicle modifications. It's a race against the clock - and each other - but it's also a personal challenge that drivers take very seriously. 

    For some, mug bogging is all about proving you have what it takes to outfit your truck with all the right tools and have some fun in the process. 

    "Mostly it's a badge of honor," Ron Pare, president of the Maine Mud Bog Association, told The Franklin Sun Journal. "My theory is that there are those of us who are grown adults who weren't allowed to play in the mud as children and we're acting out." 

    The Maine event
    Summer is a great time to enjoy mudding, as you can revel in the nice weather and take in the party atmosphere of many mud bogging events. These competitions typically take place all around the country, but a great spot to check out the action is in Livermore, Maine, where a series of great events fills the calendar each summer. 

    People from all over New England head to Livermore for the Barnyard All Terrain mudding competition. What started in the early 2000s as the efforts of one family to revamp their farm has quickly turned into a top mud bogging event. With the mud kept at about 18 inches thick, the space is ideal for testing out truck mods while also reaching high speeds - even in the tough conditions. 

    This year's event is scheduled for Aug. 2 to 4, but there are several other off-roading events that take place in the area throughout the summer.