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Take a look at 3 of Ford's off-road concepts

Few companies are as dedicated to off-roading as Ford. While many are familiar with some of the automaker's vehicles, the American brand recently introduced a few new concepts that fans of off-road driving should get acquainted with. Many of the models were unveiled at the 2013 SEMA Show, and although they may have been overshadowed by machines from other manufacturers, these creations from Ford are certainly worthy of a second glance. 

2014 Ford F-150 Adventure Edition
The 2014 Ford F-150 Adventure Edition was designed by The Sportsman Channel, and like the name implies, it is the perfect machine for adventurous drivers. Fans of the channel sent in ideas about what type of features they would want in a vehicle for any type of hunting, camping, fishing or hiking trip, and that insight was used to make decisions about the final product. 

Some of the truck mods include custom bumpers, fender flares and 20-inch all-terrain wheels matched with specialty tires. A Ford lift kit has also been installed to add an additional 6 inches to the height, which makes it easier to traverse terrain, and the 11,000-pound winch allows for easy towing as well. It even has a locked storage compartment and an enhanced audio system to make your time in the great outdoors even more enjoyable. 

While this vehicle can certainly be used for standing off-roading - everything from rock crawling to mudding will likely be easier with all of the upgrades - it is also ideal for any other type of recreation. 

Ford F-350 by EcoTrek
Based off a Ford F-350, this EcoTrek creation stands out - and for more than just its brightly colored exterior. In addition to its red-orange paint job, this custom vehicle boasts a number of truck modifications that could prove to make a difference when off-roading. To start with, it's had a 50-gallon fuel tank installed, to go along with a 75-gallon tank on the truck bed. When both compartments are filled with fuel, the truck's range extends to approximately 1,800 miles. Beyond that, it can also be fueled up with diesel, biodiesel or algae-based biodiesel - or any combination of the three, according to Gizmag. 

Even driving thousands of miles can be done in comfort. EcoTrek has outfitted the vehicle with a roof shelter, stoves and a small refrigerator, and it even has solar panels installed on the roof for an additional power source. As if that wasn't enough, the interior of the Ford is complete with sleeping bags, backpacks and storage lockers. All you need to do is store some food in the truck and you're good to go halfway across the country without having to stop. 

The entire vehicle sits on 20-inch wheels that are capable of being covered with street or off-road tires. If you do decide to take the machine off-roading, you can reap the rewards of the 9-inch lift kit. 

Ford F-150 Backwoods Sportsman by Skyjacker Suspensions
Keeping in the theme of extreme off-road vehicles, the brand also created the Skyjacker Suspension Backwoods Sportsman Ford F-150. While on the outside this machine closely resembles the standard F-150, it does feature a 6-inch suspension lift kit, an upgraded lockable storage area and special Fab Fours bumpers. The suspension is stabilized by the large BFGoodrich tires, which help the truck find some solid ground even when crossing unstable terrain. 

These are just three of the many concept vehicles Ford brought to the 2013 SEMA Show. Although they may simply have been custom creations that won't enter the main market anytime soon, these trucks could provide some inspiration for drivers who are ready to take their vehicles to the extreme.