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    The difference between body and suspension lift kits

    Entering the world of truck mods can be overwhelming for anyone not well versed in off-roading. They may have the desire to start embracing this hobby, but there are a few things these individuals have to learn before they can dive into the world of off-roading. 

    The basic function of a lift kit is to raise the body or suspension of a truck to allow for more clearance between the ground and the underside of an off-road vehicle. Lift kits are also helpful when you want to put larger tires onto a machine. Before you can get started on making improvements to your vehicle, however, you'll have to decide which kind of lift kit is right for your needs and then find one that fits. 

    Body lift kits
    A body lift is classified by additional space between the cab and bed of a truck. While the body itself is higher, the suspension and wheels remain at the original height. You end up with about one to three inches of space, allowing you to install larger tires without affecting the driving experience or handling. 

    One of the major advantages of a body lift kit is that is tends to be more affordable than its suspension counterpart. It also is relatively easier to install, so novices may find that it's more manageable as they continue to get acclimated to the world of off-roading. 

    On the other hand, body lifts leave a distinctive gap between the truck frame and the bed, which some motorists don't like, but there are gap guards that can get rid of the open space. It also doesn't increase the overall ground clearance, which limits the off-roading benefits you'll receive. There will also be added stress on the bolts of a vehicle - a fact that could spell trouble later on if you aren't careful. 

    Suspension lift kits
    Most of the truck modifications you'll be making will likely lend themselves well to the use of suspension lift kits. These kits do increase the ground clearance of a vehicle, and for that reason are frequently found on trucks and 4x4s headed for dirt trails. You can usually get between four and six inches of additional height with the help of a suspension lift kit, but in some cases, it can be as much as 18 inches. 

    Many off-roading enthusiasts prefer a suspension lift kit to a body lift kit because of the extra clearance it provides. It may be more expensive than a body lift kit, but some don't mind paying to have the added benefit of higher clearance.

    It does take a bit more effort to install a suspension lift kit onto a vehicle. It also drastically affects how a vehicle drives and handles, which could potentially make it more dangerous for novices. Experienced off-roading enthusiasts may be able to handle these challenges without a problem, but it is something beginners will have to think about. 

    Finding the right lift kit
    The right lift kit for your project will depend on the make, model and year of the car. You'll also need to consider the size of the tires you want to install on the vehicle, as this will impact the amount of clearance you need. At the very least, you'll have to look at the new tire diameter and width, as well as the rim offset. 

    Once these details are figured out, you can start shopping around for the right Jeep lift kit, Toyota lift kit or other tool that helps to make modifications to a vehicle.