What you say is up to you, but in order to be eligible for the rebate, there's a few things you must adhere to. In order to establish some consistency throughout the submissions, we've created a simple guideline to follow to ensure your video is eligible for the rebate. All videos must be at least 2:00 minutes in length and must be uploaded to YouTube and the link submitted to Rough Country with additional contact information. To submit your video, click here.

Eligible on Rough Country Branded Products purchased between 1/7/13 and 1/23/13. Excludes Bestop, Winches, Wheels, Tires, Body Lifts, and any other non Rough Country Branded Products. Rebates are sent in the form of a check. Videos must be uploaded to Youtube and submitted through our Submission Form and must meet our Review Guidelines. Uploads prior to 1/7/13 will not be accepted. Reviews must be uploaded by Monday 2/4/13 to be eligible for rebate. One Grand Prize winning submission will receive a full 100% rebate. Grand Prize winner will be determined by Facebook Fan Voting and announced on Friday 2/8/13. Rebates are issued for purchase price of eligible products minus shipping and taxes.

What should my video be about?
Ready for your close up? Get on camera and tell the world about your new kit. What kit did you purchase? Did it improve ride quality? Does it perform better off-road? Was it easy to install? Can you now run larger tires? Do you like your vehicle's new look? Think about what was important to you when you were deciding on your purchase and answer those questions however you see fit.

Installing the kit yourself? Get your camera rolling and film the installation process! You don't need to document every nut and bolt, but please include footage of Rough Country branded products being installed on the vehicle.  Feel free to discuss, either on or off camera, how the installation process went. Was it easier than expected? How long did it take? Be sure and capture a few close ups of RC parts on your vehicle and then film the finished product in action! To view example videos to help get you started, click here.
After uploading your review to, visit our submission page to submit the link to your video and additional information. 

Not sure how to upload to youtube? Check out our step by step guide.

Use the following checklist to ensure eligibility:

Does your video include:
[ ] You, on camera, talking about the kit you purchased?
[ ] Footage of equipment being installed on the vehicle?
[ ] close-ups of Rough Country branded products?
[ ] Footage of your vehicle after installation?
[ ] At least two minutes of footage?