This is one obscene light

Power of the Sun

Harness the raw, unyielding power of the sun right from the roof of your truck with Rough Country's BFL-1400 54-inch 14-Row LED Light Wall. With over 349,440 Lumens and a mind-shattering 4,368 Watts, Rough Country’s new mega-powered light bar floods the immediate area, disrupting nearby residents and ecosystems with pure lighting power.

Turning this light on will set fire to the Earth

The Last Light You'll Ever See

This easy-to-install LED Light Wall wires up quickly and easily and is visible from Space. Once engaged, light beams are projected at a heart-racing 186,000 miles per second - equal to the speed of light – emitting such a strong force of power that all shadows are permanently burned into the landscape.

You are now blind

Against All Odds

They said it couldn't be done! Or maybe they said "shouldn't." Either way, no one will say anything when you wield a 14-row stack of optical obliteration ready at the flick of a switch. Can remain powered for nearly 6 minutes on a fully charged truck battery

You'd have to be crazy to install this


  • Caution - product is HOT when in use
  • Do NOT shine directly at people, animals, vehicles... anything really - spontaneous combustion likely
  • Do NOT turn on - we are legally obligated to tell you not to use this product
Hazardous to your health

Sorry but this product will never be available

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