Nautical to Gnarly

You wouldn't dare drive a stock truck, so why settle for a stock boat trailer? Rough Country's new 5-inch Boat Trailer Lift Kit gives your trailer the look it deserves, while providing enough ride-height to run aftermarket tires and wheels so your truck and trailer always match. Take your trailer from nautical to gnarly with this easy upgrade.

Careful! This much sex appeal can be hazardous to your health

Dock Envy

Everyone knows that horsepower and propeller specs are just made-up tactics that the boating industry uses to lure you in. What really matters is how it LOOKS, and nothing improves the look of your aquatic craft like a set of 35-inch tires and 20-inch wheels. When your trailer looks this good, why even waste time fishing and relaxing in the sun when you could drive from dock to dock just to show off your Rough Country Lifted Boat Trailer?

Forget the Drop

Forget those lame drop hitch extensions, Rough Country's Lifted Boat Trailer Kit is designed to put your hitch at the perfect angle for your lifted truck. Simply allow an additional 4-8 feet to fully submerge the lifted trailer, being careful not to take on too much water inside the cabin of your truck.

Look at this rust! Now back to the Trailer lift! Now back to the rust! Ah, you get the point...

Off-Road Capable

Got too many newbies blocking the lake ramp entrance? When you've got a fully off-road capable boat trailer, paved ramps are a thing of the past. Just back up to a body of water and go! This kit includes a set of rear fabricated blocks, u-bolts and premium add-a-leafs to achieve that classic, lifted boat trailer look. Kit also includes a FREE Hat and Pro-Series Fishing Pole!

Includes FREE Hat and Pro-Series Fishing Pole!


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