The Fun Country® was developed using a unique combination of design elements, technology and engineering to deliver excellent off-road traction, a quieter ride and superior durability for today's light trucks and 4x4's.

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  • Wide lateral and offset tread grooves together with the larger surface area deliver excellent grip and responsive off-road traction.
  • Stone ejector ribs and ultra-thin sipes resist stone retention and cracking.
  • Notched shoulder edges, scalloped ribs, and an enhanced buttress design maximize off-road traction and prevent lug tearing.
  • Computer optimized pitch sequence in the tread design reduces pattern noise for a quieter ride and even wear.
  • New compound offers improved cut and chip protection.
  • Deep, aggressive, multi-dimensional sidebiters for grip and protection.
  • Tread elements interlock without sacrificing void.
  • 3-ply sidewalls with cross ply technology for better handling, increased puncture and tear resistance at the sidewall, and better towing capabilities.


More Information
List Size275/65R20
Size Equivalent34x10.50R-20
Load RangeE
Max Load (lbs)3750
Max PSI80
Approved Rim Width (in)7.5-9.5
Measuring Rim (in)8.0
Overall Diameter (in)34.2
Overall Width (in)11.1
Tread Width (in)9
Tread Depth (1/32)18.5

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  • (1) LT275/65R-20, Fun Country Radial



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