LiED Lights
Light Imaginary Emitting Diodes

Get the customized look of recessed LED lighting with none of the time and effort using Rough Country’s new LiED Lights! These quick-stick magnetic light plates mimic the look of recessed light pods without toiling over tools and time-consuming installation. Get instant gratification and keep your knuckles scrape-free so you can get back to scrolling Instagram!

Command the Farce

Rough Country LiED lights feature a new technology known as Light Imaginary Emitting Diodes. Each LiED comes with multiple photo-printed backings so you can quickly change out your light face from chrome to black to green or even lit up! It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s legal worldwide, even in California. Best of all, when your friends on Instagram move on to the next truck trend, you can simply throw them away!

LiED Chrome Backing
LiED Black Backing
LiED Green Backing
LiED Yellow Backing
LiED Purple Backing
LiED Red Backing
LiED White Backing
LiED Illuminated Backing

Instant Illusionation

Why fool with cutting your bumper? and who can figure out that complicated wiring? Simply snap your LiEDs in place and you’re ready to rock. But don’t try to turn them on, because like that 16 year old kid in your hometown whose dad bought him a $60K truck, they don’t work!

As Bright as You Are

Let’s face it, most people only turn on their LED lights to teach a lesson to someone that’s driving like an idiot, and if you like this product, you’re probably that idiot. These magnetic-backed light plates attach anywhere you want - slap a set on your rear bumper and make your friends think you know how to haul a trailer!

LiED Lights Idiots LiED Lights Idiots
LiED Lights



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