Double Parking Mat

The "Egonomic" Parking Solution

So you own a lifted vehicle… It’s fun to drive; it looks great; but no matter how hard you try, it’s IMPOSSIBLE TO PARK!
Double Parking Mat

Double Parking Mat

The convenient, "egonomic" roll-up design makes it easy to have on hand anytime you need backup on the black top. Whether you can't park correctly or just simply refuse to, Rough Country's Double Parking Mat is certain to always be the 2nd biggest tool in your truck.

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Turns Two Spots Into One!

Narrow Minded
Say goodbye to small spaces and tight turns once and for all with Rough Country’s DOUBLE PARKING MAT. This handy roll-out mat magically turns two parking spots into one - giving you plenty of room to comfortably park your rig.
Ego Anywhere
Face it - parking spaces at malls and grocery stores are just too tiny for large trucks and egos. When it’s time to park your pavement princess, you need a luxuriously large parking spot that’s bigger than your over-inflated self-opinion. Now you can turn your problem into everyone else’s problem with Rough Country’s Double Parking Mat!
Self-Centered Technology
The secret lies in Rough Country’s state-of-the-art “Self-Centered” technology, designed to let you quickly claim that adjacent spot without ever considering the feelings of those around you.