Poser Stand

Don't Be a Parker - Be a POSER!
Are you tired of parking on plain pavement? Does your mall crawler deserve more than a lame, flat lot? Well now you can pamper your pavement princess with Rough Country's new Poser Stand.

Show those mini-vans what they're missing!

Quality Construction

  • Foldable and Portable!
  • Durable, all-steel construction
  • 210 & 120 DOM Tubing
  • Includes support pins & braces w/RC Logo
  • 100% Mall Rated
  • Lifetime Guarantee of Never Living it Down

Urban Articulation

Let's face it, you didn't put all that money into your Jeep to park on all 4 wheels like a chump. When you park using a Poser Stand, you make a bold statement to the world. A statement like "My Jeep has been everywhere...on Instagram."

Park Like a Poser

The Poser Stand works best when double parked across two parking spaces, plus, this setup reduces the probability of scratches or door dings, which as we all know renders a Jeep totally useless.