Lift your day the Rough Crunchies way! Discover the taste of adventure with Rough Crunchies Cereal. With an aggressive crunch, each bite tastes shockingly delicious! There will be a battle of flavors in your mouth with a crunch you can hear from miles away.

Taste the Adventure

This dangerously crunchy mix of sweet and savory flavors will give your taste buds a shock they won't forget. Don't worry if milk gets splashed around - this cereal can handle it. These aren't just gentle little crunchies - they are rough, tough, and ready for anything.

Rough Crunchies: Taste the Adventure
Rough Crunchies: Taste the Adventure
Rough Crunchies: Taste the Adventure

Lift Your Day

When hunger calls, answer it with Rough Crunchies! Our cereal is packed with an explosion of flavor and includes nutritious ingredients that are whole-grain, non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, all-natural, and no sugar added. Rough Crunchies can lift more than just your day, they will help you lift your ride with a prize inside each box! Collect all 57 parts for a complete lift kit. Don’t forget to check the back of the box and help Gaston find his way to the Rough Country campsite before all of the Rough Crunchies are gone! Taste the Adventure with Rough Crunchies!

Lift Your Day the Rough Crunchies Way!
Rough Crunchies Cereal