Video Program

Video Program

Stuck at home with nothing to do? From now until April 10th, Rough Country is offering a $50 coupon to ANYONE who submits an unboxing or installation video of a Rough Country product via Youtube. Grab your camera and show off your latest purchase to the world and we’ll send you a $50 Rough Country coupon code good for any future purchase of $50 or more.

To enter, all you need to do is:

  1. Film yourself unboxing or installing your latest Rough Country purchase
  2. Upload your video to Youtube
  3. Include the following in your video title: Rough Country [PART #] [“Unboxing” or “Installation”
  4. Fill out our quick submission form

That’s it! Once submitted your entry will be viewed and we’ll e-mail your exclusive $50 coupon code within 2-3 business days!

To be eligible, all entries must be submitted by April 10th 2020. Videos submitted must feature either an unboxing format or installation format. Entries that do not depict either unboxing or installation will not be eligible. Entries filmed/uploaded before contest start date will be accepted as long as they depict either unboxing or installation. Videos will only be eligible if submitted through Rough Country’s online submission form. Ineligible submissions may or may not receive feedback regarding ineligibility status. Eligible submissions will receive a $50 coupon code via email within 2-3 business days of receipt of submission form. Each coupon is good for $50 towards any purchase and will expire on 6/20/2020. Review Program deadlines and terms are subject to change and or cancellation without notice. Questions? Email [email protected].