2022 Maverick lift

2022 Ford Maverick: 1-inch Leveling Kit vs. 2-inch Lift Kit

There's no doubt about it—the 2022 Ford Maverick is a great truck. It offers a lot of bang for its buck, but you may be wondering, "What can I do to give my Ford Maverick the right look, feel, and attitude?" The answer is simple, add a Rough Country leveling lift kit. By elevating your Ford Maverick, you'll be able to clear larger tires, increase ground clearance and wheel travel, and change the aesthetic of your vehicle. These simple additions will transform it into an off-road vehicle with even more capability than it already has!

Stock View

By definition, Maverick means "unorthodox," and that's exactly what Ford has in this subcompact truck. Pricing starts at under $20.000, and even when it is well-equipped, it's still slightly under $30,000. We took a base model and adjusted the attitude and the altitude.

2022 Stock Maverick2022 Stock Maverick

1-Inch Leveling Kit

First, we added a 1-inch leveling kit which allows us to run 245/65R17 Falken WildPeak on a 17X9 Alpha wheel. This makes the truck look a little more aggressive and more like a truck. Not everyone needs a super-duty truck, but everybody could use a truck. Sometimes you just need something that has good seating, a usable bed, and movability. With the subcompact Maverick, you get just that.

2022 Ford Maverick 1-inch kit2022 Ford Maverick 1-inch kit

2-Inch Leveling Lift Kit

Next, we took the Maverick slightly higher with a 2-inch leveling lift kit. The 2-inch kit picks up where the 1-inch kit left off. With the 1-inch kit, we brought the front up level with the rear. The 2-inch kit allows you to bring the entire truck up another inch, allowing you to run a 245/70R17 tire.

2022 Ford Maverick 2-inch lift2022 Ford Maverick 2-inch lift

So, the final verdict? A 1-inch leveling kit is a great way to improve the look of your Ford Maverick truck and give it a bit more height without making too much of a change. If you're looking for something that will provide you with a bigger lift and make your truck look even better, go with the 2-inch lift kit. Whether you are contemplating purchasing a Maverick, or you've already got one sitting in the driveway when you’re ready to truck it up, check out Rough Country for your leveling lift kit needs.  

2022 Ford Maverick Lift2022 Ford Maverick Lift


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