Dealer Program

Rough Country Distributors are carefully selected. Our strategy is to find the most experienced, reputable retailers/installers who are 4WD enthusiasts in each market. We look for people that are committed to the 4WD market and that have a reputation for excellent customer service.

To be a Rough Country distributor you must have a retail store and installation capabilities. We require all distributors to send us a picture of their retail presence and a picture of their installation area, along with a copy of their business license and/or tax id certificate. We provide our distributors multiple payment methods: open accounts (with credit approval) and credit cards, and COD company check.

Terms & Conditions

In consideration for the extension of credit to us by Rough Country Suspension, we agree that we will pay all invoices on or before their respective due dates. We believe our company is financially able to meet any commitments we have made and we intend to pay promptly in accordance with the payments terms indicated on Rough Country Suspension invoices (Net 30 days) unless otherwise noted. It is understood and agreed that invoices over (30) days carry a service charge of 1.5% per month, which is equivalent to (18%) eighteen percent annually.

It is further agreed that the undersigned shall pay all cost of collections, including actual attorneys' fees and legal expenses incurred by Rough Country Suspension. To the extent permitted by the US Bankruptcy Code, it is further agreed the undersigned shall pay and be responsible for the reasonable attorneys' fees and cost incurred to collect any debt as awarded by an court exercising jurisdiction under the bankruptcy code.

It is expressly agreed by the applicant herein , that Dyer County, Tennessee, shall be the forum for the judicial resolution of any resolution of any dispute arising under this agreement or the sale or goods under any invoice to the applicant.

The Rough Country brand does not permit any dealers, distributors, or other third-parties to offer or otherwise represent Rough Country branded products on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or any other eCommerce marketplace.

Rough Country prides itself on being different than the other players in the 4WD market and offers our distributors some unique benefits.
Customer Service
Customer Service
Rough Country's customer service is the best in the market. Rough Country has a very knowledgeable customer service department that is always available to help you with any questions. And if you ever have a problem, our mission is simply to fix it - and we do.
Market Leading Shipping
Rough Country ships a market leading 98% of its orders received by 4:30pm CST the same day they are received and is continually working to improve this percentage.
Off-Road Events
Rough Country does extensive national advertising and attends or provides support to most major off-road events. The Rough Country brand name and brand recognition is growing rapidly.
Continuous Improvement in Design
Rough Country is committed to continuous improvement and is designing and redesigning lift systems focused on ease of installation, ride quality, and value.


Tim Watts VP Sales
Davy Lee Business Development Manager
Joey Wood East Coast Associate
Spencer Chase West Coast Associate