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2022 Ford Maverick Tri-Fold Bed Cover

Ali Mansour

May 9, 2022




The Rough Country Tri-Fold cover comes ships to your door completely assembled. Simply unbox and place it on the bed of your Maverick. With a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, the cover is extremely easy to handle and place on the vehicle with just one person.

Tri-Fold Tonneau 2022 Ford MaverickTri-Fold Tonneau 2022 Ford Maverick

Your first time setting up the cover is important as you’ll need to make sure the cover is evenly spaced. A few minutes with a tape measure makes this a painless process. Once you have ensured the cover is in the correct position, you’ll gently fold the cover back to access the forward mounts.

2022 Ford Maverick2022 Ford Maverick

At the front of the cover, you’ll find quick-release handles that latch under the bedrail of the truck. No tools are required for this install as they only need to be hand tight.

2022 Ford Maverick2022 Ford Maverick

To add additional support, Rough Country also incorporates bed tethers at the front of the cover. These slide over the bedrail lip and only need to be tightened by hand.

Ford Maverick 2022Ford Maverick 2022

Once you’ve secured the front of the cover, unfold it and pull the patented quick clamps into position. These quick-release levers are easily adjustable, and like the front, use the bottom side of the bedrail to secure the cover in place. It’s worth noting that on some trucks the plastic bed caps may extended past the metal of the bedrail. If this is the case on your truck, be sure to trim back the plastic to ensure the clamp is pressing securely against the metal portion of the rail.

2022 Ford Maverick2022 Ford Maverick

For times when you need to fold the cover out of the way, you will simply lay the rear latches flat against the cover. Folding the cover up only takes a few seconds and if you need to pull it entirely, you can do so in just a minute or so.

2022 Ford Maverick2022 Ford Maverick

You can drive with the cover in three different positions. To ensure it stays put with it fully folded forwards, Rough Country includes a quick-release strap to latch the tonneau in position.

Tr-Fold Bed Cover Ford Maverick 2022Tr-Fold Bed Cover Ford Maverick 2022

Element protection was not overlooked on this cover as at each end is a thick rubber gasket designed to keep water at bay. The sides of the cover use a heavy-duty foam seal to protect your gear as well.

Tonneau Cover 2022 MaverickTonneau Cover 2022 Maverick

The UV-resistant, three-ply black vinyl makes for clean look and easy-to-clean finish. In the unlikely event there is an issue, you can rest easy knowing the cover comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Bed Cover Ford Maverick 2022Bed Cover Ford Maverick 2022

At the end of the day, there’s no question that tonneau covers do a great job of increasing the versatility of the Mavericks bed and add a bit of style to boot. With such an easy installation and incredible price-point, the Rough Country Tri-Fold cover is by far one of the best investments you can make for your Ford Maverick.

Bed Cover 2022 Ford MaverickBed Cover 2022 Ford Maverick
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Steven Ortman

April 12, 2023



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