Customizing the 2022 Toyota Tundra

Customizing the 2022 Toyota Tundra

Who wouldn't love to get their hands on a brand new 2022 Tundra? Toyota has outdone itself with this one, making some major improvements over the previous model. But, of course, as any true truck enthusiast knows, the real fun is in customizing and personalizing your vehicle. Read on to see how we took a base model Tundra from basic to badass with a few simple modifications.

Base Model

We started our transformation by removing the chrome accents. The chrome grille surrounds and sections of the rear bumper did not fit in with the look of the truck. The emblems and trim around the windows are matte black, and the door handles are color coordinated. So, we removed the chrome pieces and sent those to the paint shop to do a color match.  

2022 Base Model Tundra2022 Base Model Tundra

Lift Kit

Our next step was to add a 3 ½ inch kit. Everything we needed to get a proper alignment while keeping the factory ride is included in the kit. We have the tubular upper control arms, sway bar relocation brackets, differential relocation brackets, and strut spacers, which gave it the lift in the front. Then we added a rear track bar bracket, shock relocation brackets, and rear coil spacers to the back.

3.5 inch lift kit3.5 inch lift kit

Wheels and Tires

After installing the lift, we moved on to wheels and tires. We went with the Nitto Trail Grappler in a 35X12.50R20 wrapped around the TIS Off-Road 556BA. This is in a nice flat black with Anthracite rock ring in a 20X9, and a negative 20 mm Offset that match our emblems and wheel well moldings.   

Nitto Trail Grappler, TIS Off-Road 556BANitto Trail Grappler, TIS Off-Road 556BA


Following the wheel and tire upgrade, we tackled the steps. This Tundra did not come with factory steps; however, Toyota did have the bolts in place, making this a simple install. We went with Rough Country's SR2 Adjustable Aluminum Steps. These steps have a nice angular design that flows with the body line of the truck and are in a matte black, which matches up with the emblems and wheels.

SR2 Adjustable Aluminum StepsSR2 Adjustable Aluminum Steps

Bed Cover

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Low Profile Hard Tonneau CoverLow Profile Hard Tonneau Cover

With this 2022 Tundra build-up, you can see how subtle changes we made created a dramatic difference. Although the 3 ½ inch kit wasn't a massive lift, it is bigger than a leveling kit and allows us to run 35X12.50 20 tires. The matte black SR2 Step is an aluminum rail step, so you can position each stirrup exactly where you want it, and the angles of the SR2 complement the overall design of the Tundra. Since the chrome grille shell and rear bumper stuck out like a sore thumb, stripping the chrome and having it painted to match the body turned this Tundra into a red and matte black beauty. What are your thoughts on the modifications so far?  Should we have gone with matte black on the grille, left it chrome, or do you think matching the body color created a better look? Let us know in the comments what you think about our changes so far.

lifted 2022 tundralifted 2022 tundra

For more details on the 2022 Tundra build, check out the video on our Youtube channel!

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FPJupiter April 17, 2022

What is the impact of the lift kit on gas mileage?

Rough Country April 19, 2022

We have not monitored that impact on our 3.5-inch lifts; however, feedback so far is that there is minimal change in gas mileage for that kit. Thanks for reading our blog!

David kibitelsky April 19, 2022

what rack is recommended with a hard tri fold cover for a Tundra 2022 sr5 max crew. 5.6 ft bed. Need to carry 2 kayaks... looking for something that works in conjunction with the tri -fold cover. thanks

Rough Country April 19, 2022

David, thanks for reading our blog! As of now, we do not carry a rack (roof or bed) for the 2022 Tundra. However, we are working on a rack system for the bed, which will be available down the road. Please keep checking our website for the release!

Brandon R April 20, 2022

Looks great! Giving me alot of new ideas for my new Tundra Platinum I just picked up. When will 3.5" lift kit be available for the 4x2? I see leveling kit is available but I'm looking for at least a 3" lift on it. Thank you!

Rough Country April 22, 2022

Brandon, while we don't have a lift kit for the new Tundra just yet, our team is working on one. Keep checking back for updates, and thanks for reading our blog!

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