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DHS Students Get Hands-On Experience with Community Works Program


November 4, 2022




The program is a partnership between Dyersburg High School and Rough Country that teaches students the skills they need for future workforce opportunities. The curriculum trains students to succeed in a rapidly changing, technology-driven world by giving them hands-on experience in various areas. From research and design to machinery and marketing, students learn valuable workforce skills, such as working alongside other students to complete projects on time and within budget across different departments and job skills.

 In a STEM class setting, students learn the process of taking a project from paper to 3-D printing, where it is then sent to the Welding class for fabrication. This allows students to gain manufacturing knowledge and understand the design process from paper to a finished product.

The school added a new research and development workspace, while the welding room was overhauled to accommodate a space for students to learn the latest in automotive technology. Students can use new industry-grade equipment such as post lifts, tire machines, alignment machines, and strut compressor units. The school works in tandem with the Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology program (TCAT), which allows students to earn welding, machinery, and automotive certifications.

The program also teaches students how to create content and market it (sales) to get it into the consumer's hands. For example, the AV class teaches videoing, producing, and editing content for social media and sales ads. In addition, students in the journalism class are learning how to create engaging written content. And finally, the marketing students learn how to use all of these forms of media to drive sales and increase interest.

It's impressive to see the passion this program has created among the students and the enthusiasm of the teachers involved. Through staff, volunteers, grants, and sponsorships, Dyersburg High School is set to build our future workforce by creating a culture of potential engineers, welders, machinists, and marketers. But the program isn't just about getting a job—it's about being able to communicate more effectively, improve teamwork skills, and solve problems creatively and professionally—skills that will serve them well no matter where their career path leads!

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