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Ford Bronco Accessories: The Ultimate Guide

Gaston Garrett

February 10, 2022




Ford Bronco Accessories: The Ultimate Guide

The best thing to come out of 2021 was the new Ford Bronco. One of the coolest things about the new Bronco is the trim options offered by Ford. When you combine Ford's trim levels and Rough Country's accessories, the possibilities are endless. This guide will be a review of options on several Broncos we had the pleasure of working on.

2021 Ford Broncos2021 Ford Broncos

The Sasquatch Edition

First up is a white 4 door Sasquatch Edition. The Sasquatch is a great trim level from Ford, and we gave it a little Rough Country love with our fabricated front bumper. This white Bronco looks fantastic with a single row 20-inch lightbar in the middle surrounded by 2-inch pods on either side.

white Sasquatch Broncowhite Sasquatch Bronco

Outer Banks

Our second Bronco is an Outer Banks in gray. This is just a base model, which we love because it allows you to do more to them.  We added a 2-inch strut leveling kit and a Rough Country push bar. We set the look off with 3-inch Osram LEDs and RC tow hook brackets with forged D-Rings. The 2-inch lift on the base models will give you about the same stance as the Sasquatch but without the dealer sticker shock.

gray Outer Banks Broncogray Outer Banks Bronco

Big Bend Sasquatch 

Following that, we have the Big Bend Sasquatch in a really nice Area 51 blue, which is my favorite color on the new Broncos. We’ve outfitted this one with our 1 ½ leveling kit. Like the gray one, we also added a nudge bar. Instead of the Osram, we went with a 20-inch single-row light bar. This one also has the tow hook bracket and the forged D-Rings, which, in my opinion, should be standard on the Broncos because they just look great. 

Big Bend Sasquatch , Area 51, blue Bronco Big Bend Sasquatch , Area 51, blue Bronco

WildTrak Sasquatch 

Next up is a beautiful black WildTrak Sasquatch that we have outfitted with our 2-inch kit. Similar to what we did with the base model gray, there is a nudge bar with the 3-inch Osram LEDs. Again, it should be standard, but we added the tow hook brackets with the forged D-Rings to finish up this look.

WildTrak Sasquatch, black, BroncoWildTrak Sasquatch, black, Bronco


This Badlands in Area 51 blue looks great and is set off with bronze Fuel wheels and a 37-inch-tall tire. We were able to get this look with a Rough Country 5-inch lift. We added a winch mount to the factory bumper, which blends in perfectly. This includes a 20-inch single-row LED lightbar and forged D-Rings.   Similar to what we have added to Ford Raptors, our triple 2-inch Pods really set the look.

Badlands Bronco, Area 51 Blue, Bronze WheelsBadlands Bronco, Area 51 Blue, Bronze Wheels

Base Model Bronco

Last but certainly not least is this fantastic blue beast. Sitting on a Rough County 7-inch lift and 40-inch wheels. Yes, that’s right, 40’s! This is our test mule and has nearly every accessory we could put on it. From a fab front bumper to storage in the back, this Bronco is loaded. It has added side steps, forged tow hooks, D-Rings, and a hidden winch. We really lit it up with LEDs on the bumper, a 50-inch front light bar, and ditch lights. Some may say this is an extreme example of what you can do with a Bronco, but some of us happen to be extreme.

Base Model Bronco, blueBase Model Bronco, blue

Whether you have a Bronco or are just thinking about getting one, you will want to personalize it. Hopefully, this review gives you some ideas. Rough Country aims to do more than just add their products to your truck. Our goal is to allow you to take full advantage of everything we offer because transforming your vehicle from basic to beast shouldn't be boring.

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Samuel Rodriguez

October 29, 2022

Got a 22 Outer Banks woth Sasquatch package 37”. It has a modular front bumper. Interested on a nudge bar with a low light bar. Does it interfere with the parking and cruise control sensors? Does it has an option to relocated it/them?


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