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In the Spotlight with Chase Cherubini

Chase Cherubini is the type of guy who doesn't want to be left behind. He doesn't just use his 2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport to get him from point A to point B—it's a way for Chase to explore the world. He loves hitting the trails with his mountain bike, and he's always looking for ways to make his truck more capable and well-equipped to get him where he needs to go.

Chase is an avid mountain biker who loves nothing more than hitting the trails, and his 2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport is the perfect truck for his active lifestyle. It's tough and rugged and gets him where he needs to go. The Tacoma is great for hauling around mountain bikes and camping gear and great when he's headed out on an adventure. Chase loves taking his Tacoma off-road, knowing it can handle anything he throws at it. So whether cruising down the highway or exploring new trails, the Tacoma is the perfect truck for him.

Tacoma, mountain bike, overlandingTacoma, mountain bike, overlanding
series 92 wheel, Chevyseries 92 wheel, Chevy
Tacoma,mountain bike

Lifting your truck gives you more options when it comes to style. For example, if the tires are too small and lose air pressure, then all of a sudden, your ride becomes more of an obstacle on narrow roads or country paths where there's no room for error. But with a lift and larger tires, it'll drive much smoother over rough terrain. And, as Chase states, "Lifted trucks with bigger tires tend to look better!"

Tacoma, Lifted truckTacoma, Lifted truck
Series 85 wheel, 2021 BroncoSeries 85 wheel, 2021 Bronco

Chase has everything he needs to get out there and have fun, including Rough Country's 3.5" Vertex lift kit that allows him to tackle the toughest terrain. As a DIY'er, he found the installation super easy! According to Chase, "The only hard part was getting the upper control arm bolts out, and that's Toyota's fault! If you have a Tacoma, you know what I'm talking about." Since they look amazing and ride well, the Vertex Shocks are his favorite modification so far. You can adjust the dampening on them, so they can be stiff or soft, which is a great thing to have when switching from highway driving to off-road trails.

Tacoma, Vertex Lift KitTacoma, Vertex Lift Kit
Lifted Tacoma, camping, mountain bikesLifted Tacoma, camping, mountain bikes

He added RC Seat Covers and Floor Liners to protect the inside from mud and dirt. This Tacoma also has a 40" Light Bar, Led Pods, Accessory Controller, and Bedside Mollee Panels to keep his gear organized, easily accessible, and secure. Since Chase loves spending time in the national forests of West Virginia, the RC Roof Rack and Roof Top Tent are perfect for his Overlanding lifestyle. His favorite place he has taken his truck is Moab, Utah, where he can explore the amazing scenery and test his driving skills on challenging terrain. He has his sights on eventually making it to Black Bear Pass, one of the most difficult off-road trails in the country.

Overlanding, roof top tent, roof rackOverlanding, roof top tent, roof rack
roof top tent, roof rack, LED light podsroof top tent, roof rack, LED light pods

As you can tell, Chase has a unique combination of Rough Country accessories that will help him conquer any situation he finds himself in while he's exploring national parks, off-road trails, and everything in between. If you want to learn more about Chase or follow him on this Overlanding journey, you can visit his YouTube channel,, or his Instagram account, chasecherubini.

Overlanding, lifted TacomaOverlanding, lifted Tacoma
Tacoma, mountain bikingTacoma, mountain biking


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