Lifting the Ford Lightning

Lifting the Ford Lightning

With their choices in power and efficiency, Ford made the 2022 Lightning one of the fastest off-road EVs on the market. It was designed to be the ultimate electric truck, with a sleek design and performance that'll blow you away. But what if you're looking for a more rugged look and attitude? With Rough Country's new upgrades for the Lightning, you can give your ride an aggressive stance and look without sacrificing its unique appearance.

One of the first things we did to the new Lightning was install our 2-inch Leveling Kit. With the 2-inch front lift spacers, you can increase ground clearance, giving the Lightning a more aggressive appearance. Since this EV comes with a 3.25 factory rake, the 2- inch Leveling kit reduces that rake for a more level look and lets you run up to a 33-inch tire. With no cutting and no differential drop required, the 2-inch kit was as easy to install as a regular F-150 leveling kit.

Leveling Kit Ford LightningLeveling Kit Ford Lightning
2-Inch Leveling Kit Ford Lightning2-Inch Leveling Kit Ford Lightning

The question of whether or not to upgrade the suspension on the Lightning has been debated since the EV's release. The Ford Lightning is a truck that's built for speed and performance. And while it's already an impressive vehicle straight from the factory, there are ways to make it even better. So we added a 3-inch lift kit to do just that. Since the factory rake on the Lightning is just too much for some drivers, that's where this lift kit comes in handy.  It will eliminate any existing rake, giving your Lightning an even look from front to rear.

3-Inch Lift Ford Lightning3-Inch Lift Ford Lightning
3-Inch Lift Ford Lightning3-Inch Lift Ford Lightning

The new Ford Lightning is a cool truck without modifications (pictured on the left). It's capable of hauling serious ass, 0-60 in 4 seconds, to be specific, and it looks good doing it. This has always been the case for the Lightning, but there have been questions about what can be done to improve this electric truck. Owners want to personalize their Lightning and give it a custom look. They want more power out of their ride. Rough Country is making this possible by launching our aftermarket upgrades for the Lightning. The 2-Inch Leveling and 3-Inch Lift kits are available now on our website, so head over and check them out. And if that's not enough for you, we're also hard at work on developing more aftermarket products for the 2022 Ford Lighting. Details on our new 2-Inch Leveling and 3-Inch Lift Kits will also be posted soon on

Stock 2022 Ford LightningStock 2022 Ford Lightning
3-Inch Lift Ford Lightning3-Inch Lift Ford Lightning


Ethan October 3, 2022

Hey! Great write-up, thank you! One clarifier, please: a lot of this is designed around running a bigger tire, in this case "run up to a 33-inch tire". The stock tire size on the Lariat is already 33" (275/65r20), albeit a lot narrower. This kit and photos imply you run a larger diameter tire but as far as I can tell, you are swapping a wider tire of the same diameter here. Is that true?

Rough Country October 11, 2022

Ethan, Thanks for reading the post! The design of this kit is to raise the front of the vehicle to match the rear height. This allows more ground clearance and wheel well clearance to put a larger tire on the vehicle. The size suggested in the listing is geared towards aftermarket wheels that are wider than the factory-size wheel. Once the installation is completed, you can run up to an 11.5 wide tire compared to the factory 10.8" wide tire. When running a wider tire on the factory wheel, a .25-wheel spacer will be needed to provide adequate clearance from the upper control arm. Hope this helps to clarify it!

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